Download Blogant - Free UI Kit for Blogs (Freebie) - Available for Photoshop

You can Download Blogant Free UI Kit (Freebie) on Gumroad.

Blogant is a UI Kit for Blogs and Magazines. Because of its simplicity, it is one of the best UI Kit for Blogs on the market. It is an awesome start to create Blogs pages, Articles or Magazines. In addition to the 12 categories and 80 UI Screens which compose Blogant UI Kit, there is also 1 pre-made page.


First of all, Blogant has 80 UI Elements. Because of its purpose, the kit spaces from Article Thumbnails, Articles pages and Author Widgets. In addition to the main set of elements, you can also download 2 pre-made pages. This pre-made page is the Article Page.

Specifications for the Free Version

  • Pre-made Article Page.
  • PSD File format.
While on the other side, let’s also see the characteristics of the Full Version

Specifications for the Full Version

  • 80 UI Screens;
  • 12 Categories;
  • 1 Pre-made Home Page;
  • 1 Pre-made Article Page;
  • Kit available for Photoshop;
  • Built with a 12 column grid (1148px width);


  • Column Thumbnail;
  • Squared Thumbnail;
  • Full-Width Thumbnail;
  • Split Thumbnail;
  • List Thumbnail;
  • Scrollable Thumbnail;
  • Wide Author Widget;
  • Squared Author Widget;
  • Column Author Widget;
  • Charts Widget;
  • Share Widget;
  • General Widget;
  • Article and Comments;
  • Full-Width Banner;
  • Nav Bar & Footer;

Google Fonts used:

  • Lusitana;
  • Lato;

In conclusion, you can download the Free UI Kit Sample Here or if you like it as much as I do, you can consider to purchase the Full Version for only 12$

Note: All the photos and pictures used are for presentation purpose only, consequently they are NOT included in the Kit. provided all the Photos.