Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016 is a collection of some of the best UI and also UX Design.

This month, a lot of agencies, freelancers and also independent designers produced a lot of quality content. They pushed boundaries while building incredible UI and UX solutions and experiences for users. Almost all of these UI UX Designs are only concepts, but because creators worked without any limitation, they were able to build quality content and push their creativity to the maximum level.
Let’s get inspired!

Home Kit App Concept & Prototype – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

Home Kit is a concept of an application that allows people to manage their home. The application features a clean and minimalistic look, with also a great use of photographies. This prototype stand out among others for its UX. The clean look makes the app simpler and even easier to use than other competitors on the market. While other peers may have used a material design or even more conservative style, Jaewoong worked with iconography and slides to build the navigation. As a result, users are able to reach a specific setting in just a few taps.
Designer: Jaewoong You

Design Blog (Mobile) Sneak Peek – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

This Design Blog concept is made specifically for mobile devices. By using all the best practices, it allows users to read articles and even discover new content.
This concept is divided in three main screens. The first screen features a big featured image, a headline right underneath and even more content included inside compressed tabs. Even if this UX solution doesn’t allow users to instantly read content, it allows them to discover all the possible categories available, and consequently to choose only their favorites. Thank to the use of negative space, the second screen features a big headline that “visually” cover the entire first half of the device, consequently giving importance to the title. The bottom part of the screen is covered by four squares, with alternated images and soft-toned colored boxes containing article’s titles and dates. The last screen features an opened article which features an interesting slide containing pictures. While other blogs show images piled on top of each other, this gallery style represents a smart way to show multiple images. Because of that, the structure doesn’t force users to scroll by the pictures to continue to read the content.
Designer: Matteo Pasuto

To-Do App – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

One of the most used type of mobile applications on the planet are To-Do Apps. A lot of people write tasks and grocery lists. Why? Because people prefer phones rather than post-it. The cleanliness of the User Interface caught our attention. Soft tones combined with a great font made the interface extremely clean and intuitive. Also, the navigation is as basic as it can be, positioned at the bottom of the screen. Obviously, the application contains a lot of complex interfaces, such as the editing task screen. From here, users are able to add a lot of informations and details about a task. If that concept will ever be built, it could be indeed one of the brightest ways to track your tasks through your phone.
Designer: Martin Strba

Article Cards Alternate – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

Another great Blog UI UX Design that has been included in the Mobile UI UX Collection of December. This Design is extremely beautiful but also extremely simple. You can actually count only 5 elements per widget, which are the Photo, Title, Description, divisor icon and a small caption. Who says that this interface is so simple that anyone could do it, is probably lying. To build a great yet simple card needs superb skills to balance all the elements, in addition to the ability to choose the right font, icon and photo.
Designer: Oliur

Make Steak Application – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

We have analyzed the most important aspects of cooking and chose only necessary functions. Big list of various recipes, smart timer, ability to order right from the app, social part, discount program, learning opportunity. All of those things in one app – MAKE STEAK. This mobile application has an interesting job. While other peers allow users to choose and see recipes that can be used to cook (obviously) steaks, this application allows people to even get discounts and learning opportunities. Despite the modern look and feel, the app is able to convey the purpose of the app with a few elements. Red tones, great iconography and even a curated set of illustrations are leading the entire look and feel of the app.
Designer: Aleksey Stiks

Hello Dribbble – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

This is my first shot on dribbble. Hope you like it.
I am so happy to be here, I waited this moment for a long time… “
We all have been there. Finally someone sent you a Dribbble Invite. You are finally able to publish your awesome yet undiscovered designs on one of the major UI UX platforms in the world. It really is a joy to be able to publish your work on Dribbble, and for that reason you have to carefully choose only your best shots, and “Hello Dribbble” by Huang is one of them.
Designer: Huang

Gift Card Mweb Version 1.0 – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

We find this App Design extremely interesting, because it looks and feel like an app, but on the other side it looks like a mobile version of a website. In the first screen, you can actually see a browser’s domain search box. Nevertheless, the combination of background illustrations with the main card’s content makes it one of the most brilliant UI UX designs of this month.
Agency: Headout Inc.
Designer: Ranjith Alingal

Car control mobile app – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

In the card industry, UI UX Design is still years behind web and mobile technology and trends. Only Tesla seems to be able to keep up its UI UX game with a modern look, which is exactly what the company wants to show. Is that design a good step forward for its industry? Absolutely yes. The design features a dark Material Design UI with a clear horizontal card navigation. On every card, you can control their various statistics, variables and informations about their cars. You can even set your wheels’ pressure and LED Lights color (which is probably illegal). Is that the future of UI UX design in the car industry?
Agency: Awesomed

PingBing – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

PingBing is a chat mobile application that allows people to “ping” and “chat” with friends or even total strangers that are nearby your position. Despite the other chat applications, with PingBing you are not allowed to send common written messages, but instead you can only send vocal messages. The application features a clean and modern UI, enriched by a circular and roundish style, but the UX is the real king here. To navigate through your chats, you have to spin a wheel that shows your friend’s pictures and their physical distance. Could that be a step towards a less-cold, only written form of communication?
Designer: Any Harutyunyan