Mercedes Benz Illustration - Side Car

Mercedes Benz Illustration by Romain Trystram

During 2016, the german agency Realgestalt commissioned Romain Trystram to create another set of illustrations for Mercedes.

10 Best UI UX Design of January 2017 - Braun

10 Best UI UX Design of January 2017

10 Best UI UX Design of January 2017 is a collection of the best UI UX Designs made in the month of January. It includes Lonely Planet, FireArt Studio ...

Beats Redesign - Cover

Beats by Dre Website

In this Beats website redesign, Andrew re-created Beats' website, highlighting their products as much as possible, applying a creative layout and style.

Behance redesign - Cover

Behance Redesign by Norah Park

Norah Park did a Behance Redesign, imagining a Desktop application for computers, which allows users to discover inspirations in an easier way.

Best Website Inspiration of January 2017 - Red One

10 Best Website Inspiration of January 2017

Best Website Inspiration of January 2017 is a collection of all the best website inspiration and also Web Designs of January 2017.

PepCity Super Bowl - Cover

PepCity Super Bowl

Pepsi Cola hired Alexis Marcou to create PepCity Super Bowl, an extraordinary set of illustrations made for the 2016 Super Bowl event.

Opera Redesign - Cover

Opera Redesign by Anti

Opera is one of the most famous browsers in the world. Norwegian Agency Anti made an Opera redesign by re-creating their brand and visual campaigns.

mdls website design - Home page

F — mdls – Website Design

F — mdls website design is a project made by Adencys. It follows a minimalistic and clean style, also featuring an unique layout.

Facebook Redesign - Cover

Facebook Redesign – by Roland Hidvegi

Facebook has a huge team of Designers that works on dozens of projects, but it's always interesting to see what other people can do to improve a product.

A New Dropbox Redesign - Paper Project

A New Dropbox

The new Dropbox redesign features a new Home page, Project Paper and Sync. Could it be the right move to outdistance Google Drive from the race?

Best Illustration of December - Sets

10 Best Illustrations of December

Best Illustration of December is a collection of the best Art pieces created in the last month of 2016. Authors included: Leo Natsume, James Gilleard etc.

COS Website Cover

COS. Website Design – by M2H Agency

One of the last projects from M2H Agency was COS Website, which is a fashion brand for women. It features a minimalistic style, followed by a clean look.