COS Website Design

M2H Agency is a Moscow based agency which is building its name in the Design Industry for its style. In fact, they love to build websites with fluid layouts, which is in complete contrast to the world’s most use Bootstrap framework. They also enrich products with lots of animations, transitions and micro-interactions.

One of their last project was COS Website, which is a fashion brand for women. It features a minimalistic style, followed by a clean look. The absence of content is a key part for this website. In fact, it could be extremely easy for anyone to place a couple fonts on a page, but the end result will be like every other website out there. That’s where M2H Agency excel. They worked with the layout, featuring medium-small fonts rotated by 90 degrees and large images. In this way, they were able to let users focus on the real content. Less important elements, like product names and descriptions, were strategically placed in the corners of the pages.

How they described the project

COS (Collection of Style) is a fashion brand for women and men who want modern, functional and considered design. COS fashion collections are the essence of Scandinavian minimalism when general style is more important then hype trends. Our task was not only to refute the character and philosophy of the brand but also to create the unforgettable look describing COS’s approach to creation of fashionable clothes. We have sticked to functional, simple and straightforward design with monochromatic colors which enlarges and repeats the COS approach to design of clothes.

In Conclusion

As they specified in their project description, they used products that feature the Scandinavian Minimalism. Colors played a very important role too. In fact, monochromatic and soft tones are dominating products and the website’s look.
But at the end, what really makes the website stand out are the photographies. Model’s expressions, clothes’ style, the minimalism of the environment and even the scenes showed in videos create an unique atmosphere, very similar to a sci-fi movie.
Agency: M2H Agency
Project Source: Behance