10 Best Illustration of December 2016

December has been a great month for Illustrators. A lot of Designers and artists built incredible pieces of Art. This month, we are going to space in landscapes, fantasy, 3D, flat-vectorial Illustrations and even sketches.

Landscapes Collection

During 2016, Vivien Bertin had the opportunity to experiment again with traditional drawing on paper. Twenty illustrations compose this Illustration serie. The main recurring theme that connects every single piece of art are voyages.
He used multiple technics, such as traditional drawing on paper and Digital painting.
Artist: Vivien Bertin
Project: Behance

Stay in the dark

Stay in the Dark is one of the Best Illustration of December. Dani Diez built an incredible series of paintings that tell multiple stories. The main theme is obviously the “Dark”. In fact, there are two elements that characterize every single piece. The first is the black and white color scheme. The second is the presence of creatures hidden in the Darkness. Also, in order to build a better atmosphere, the artist draw the majority of the scenes with Dark and nocturnal atmospheres.
Artist: Dani Diez
Project: Behance


Sets is a collection of scenes and sets that feature interesting compositions. All of the illustrations are 3D. The richness of details and superb use of colors make them look like actual photographies. One of the main recurring elements are shoes. The author specified that these art pieces are a part of his commercial projects, and because of the presence of clothing items, it makes sense to think that they could be a part of multiple fashion projects.
Artists: Peter Tarka
Project: Behance

Google Mobile Day

Google Mobile Day is a project that talks about Mobile designs, mobile strategies and also how to improve them. Leo Natsume created seven Illustrations using a flat-vectorial style, which is also one of the key characteristics of Google’s style.
Artist: Leo Natsume
Project: Behance

Etihad airways / LowPoly World 2

In this project, the author recreated different world places using a low-poly style. Mat Szulik, a Polish Designer, built eleven different scenes for Etihad Airways. The scenes represent Winter, Venice, India, China, USA, Indonesia, Australia, Morocco, New York, a Beach and even the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
Three keys elements that characterize every single illustration are depth, bright colors and even a cinematography-style shot.
Artist: Mat Szulik
Project: Behance

We all love stories

We all love Stories is one of the Best Illustration of December. Over five scenes compose the serie. Xoana Herrera and Esteban Esquivo represented the various scenarios with a flat-vectorial style but characterized by a “salt and paper” texture.

Various Illustration 2016

These are a selection of projects where James Gilleard worked on during 2016. This collection includes works for editorial, web, personal projects and even for galleries.
These art pieces are some of the Best Illustration of December, also thank to his unique style. In fact, every single illustration is characterized by geometrical shapes, like squares and circles.
Some of the clients include Mercedes Benz, Toyota and BMW.
Artist: James Gilleard
Project: Behance

40 dates of French History

This is an incredible editorial project. Léonard Dupond created a series of Illustrations for a French Magazine, narrating forty remarkable dates of French’s history.
His illustrations are unique thank to his style, which heavily rely on colors and textures. In fact, the scenes aren’t represented with realistic tones, but instead with surreal, bright and strong colors.
Artist: Léonard Dupond
Project: Behance

Pfizer – Active and 50+ for The New York Times

Justyna Stasik, in collaboration with T Brand Studio and Vladimir Marchukov, built an incredible set of illustrations and animations for The New York Times. The entire campaign focused on “Prevnar13”, which is a vaccine that protects people over the age of 50 against Pneumococcal Pneumonia. This is one of the best illustration of December because of its uniqueness and funny representation of a so serious theme.

Beasts / Feathers

The very first illustration is part of the Playing Arts Special Edition project. In this situation, Ivan Belikov had to create the “3 of Clubs”. To represent the number 3, he created this specific card by illustrating a three-headed bird creature. To represent the Clubs, he drew a dead club leaf held in the mouth of one of the birds.
Other illustrations which take part of this collection represent other mythical creatures, such as ‘Babr’ – the heraldic symbol of Irkutsk, A Lion for Impericon festival, Ouroboros – an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail and also MMXVII – The interpretation of the upcoming Chinese New Year 2017, which is the year of the Red Fire Rooster.
Artist: Ivan Belikov
Project: Behance