F — mdls Website Design

F — mdls is a model agency founded in 2012. Adencys agency built their new website, following a minimalistic and clean style. Their website is extremely simple and direct. In fact, you will not find a lot of written texts, because images fill almost the entire screen. Because of its purpose, the website shows pictures of models for hire that were posing for real photo shootings.

The navigation bar features a minimalistic and clean look, also by using an unusual layout. On the left side, there are 5 huge links that allow users to navigate through the pages. On the right side there are small links that highlight their social media and a search bar.

The home page features only two sections. The first is a slide that shows Collections available for sale, and the second shows informations regarding the agency.

The Models page features a list of all their models, alphabetically filtered from A to Z. Also this layout is really interesting and unique. It features written black texts, a single model’s photo on the bottom left corner and a lot of white space.  By clicking on the “more” link in the central bottom part of the page, you can access to the model’s page.

From here, you can see more informations about the model, such as the biography, height and agencies. Also this page’s layout is intriguing, because it features a big image that cover 3/5 of the screen with a huge H1 title which defines the model’s name. All the other informations are listed on a single column below the title. On the very far right side of the page, there is another slide that allows users to scroll through other photos of the model.

Mobile Version

Adencys also created a strong responsive design, which works perfectly on mobile devices. As they showed in their mockups, all the texts and images fits perfectly also on smaller screens. In this way, they were able to keep a consistency and brand identity through the various platforms.
Agency: Adencys
Project source: Behance