Opera Redesign

Opera is one of the most famous browsers in the world. Despite its low percentage of usage, which is between 2 and 5% of the entire market, it still has millions of users.
Opera’s USP is an unique technology that compress data with no quality loss, giving users more content for less data usage.
This is way their slogan is Do More. It reflects the company’s goals, allowing users to consume more informations with less data usage, anywhere and when you want it.
With this Opera redesign, their logo is no longer a simple typographical “O”. It now represents a portal where all the informations pass through. During the process, Opera’s USP compress all the informations. In this way, Opera releases all the datas for users with less weight.
Their new logo features Basis Grotesque as the main font. Red remains the primary color of their brand, supported by dark and light grey tones. It also features a double possible identity. In fact, the new version features a minimalistic and flat design, usable even with a single color.
However, they maintained the older and classic version too. It features red shades that create depth, and because of its realism, it is the version used for all the advertising and real world applications.

Visual Applications 

In their redesign, they also shared some possible brand identity solutions, like business cards and envelopes. Red tones and fluid streams of colors characterize the entire visual identity. These colorful beams represents all the informations that come through the O and get released for users.
Some of their visual designs represent billboards applications. They feature the new logo, colorful streams, “Do More” slogan and lots of elements. These items and people placed on one side of the advertising represent again the amount of data available for users.
Agency: Anti
Designers: Martine Strøm – Gaute Aase – Kristoffer Eidsnes
Project: Behance