Restaurant Website Inspiration

The food industry is one of the oldest and most profitable market on the planet. Almost every day, a new restaurant or food track opens in the world. But unfortunately, only less than 10% survive after the first year. Despite these statistics, every restaurant owner try his best to build his new profession. In some cases, they are even able to build an empire.

In this specific case, we are talking about one of the top restaurants in Prague. As Jaromir briefly described the project,

Few weeks ago we took a challenge to design a website for one of the best restaurants in Prague.

This website design was an attempt to create a brand new website for a top restaurant in Europe, participating through a contest. Unfortunately, as they specified, they arrived in the second place, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve more than a mention! In fact, they have proven their skills and creativity.

The Design

On Dribbble, they only shared the landing page, but that’s enough to understand their quality level and way of thinking outside the box. The first impact is remarkable. The website feature a white, clean and minimalistic look. One of the key features is the use of diagonal shapes, like rectangles and triangles. In this way, they were able to convey dynamism and elegance at the same time. Another unmissable key element is food. How could a restaurant website convey what they do and how well they do if they don’t share a single plate? For that reason, the page opens with a colorful dish, composed by green and orange sauce stripes, which increase even more the sense of dynamism and movement.

Throughout the page, the Designer decided to enrich the composition with small leaves, giving a little bit of color to the composition. As we already specified, photos are extremely important. For that reason, they included multiple pictures of the restaurant, atmosphere and obviously their top dishes.

The main colors used are white, light grey and a soft pink. In order make the brand look even more elegant, they opted for black serif fonts for headlines, and sans serif grey fonts for paragraphs. Soulmates indeed tried to produce an unique layout, which could look chaotic at first impact, but then it makes more sense when you start to see the site, step by step. For instance, the central part of the website feature a diagonal line of content, which includes three sections that begins from the far left and end up on the far right.

Designer: Jaromir Kveton
Agency: Soulmates