10 Best Illustration of March 2017

March has been a great month for Illustrations. A lot of Agencies, Freelancers and also Independent Illustrators built incredible art pieces.
In this article, we are going to list 10 best Illustration of March 2017.
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Line-up #7 – Character design collection – Best Illustration of March 2017

Vivien made it again in another top10. This time, we are going to feature his new character design collection. In this set, he created 8 characters following a cartoonish style. Every person has unique characteristics and details. The common theme is the historical period, which is the Middle Age. In fact, a lot of these characters remind of King Arthur.

Illustrator: Vivien Bertin

I found my silence – Best Illustration of March 2017

I found my silence is a brilliant set of illustrations. The project is unique, and represent dark figures on dark backgrounds, where only lights and shadows allow the viewer to see the characters. The set features three illustrations. The first two has a common element, which is the orange color. They both show orange elements that pop from the canvas and capture the attention. Despite these unique features, the very last illustration doesn’t present any orange element.

Illustrator: Eiko Ojala

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Highlife – Best Illustration of March 2017

MUTI is an extremely talented agency known for their illustrations skills. In this set of illustrations, they stepped outside of their confort zone, and approached a completely different style. In fact, they created ten characters only using bright colors, like yellow, rose, green and blue. Two keys elements that unites every single one of them is the absence of face colors and the use of hard, rough and shaky stripes as outlines and highlights.

Illustrator: MUTI

light – Best Illustration of March 2017

Light is a minimalistic set of illustrations which features multiple environments and landscapes using a relatively popular technic, called “Salt and Paper”. This technic is used by illustrators to create lights and shadows with sparkles of colors, and not with hard lines and shapes. One of the key elements of these illustrations is the precision and flow. For instance, in the landscape every element is rounded and blend extremely well with each other. The artist decided to represent the various scenarios at the sunset. For that reason, the only colors used are rose, black and blue.

Illustrator: guang hong zhang

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Google – Shake that Body! – Best Illustration of March 2017

Leo Natsume had the opportunity, once again, to collaborate with Google on another project. This time, he had to create multiple illustrations for one of their new products, Allo. The project includes the creation of multiple stickers for Google’s new messaging app, Allo. As the title suggests, the entire campaign is based on fitness activities and physical exercises. Because Google has to be unique and differentiate from the others, the subject is a lion, carefully helped by a lady.

Illustrator: Leo Natsume

Various Illustrations – Best Illustration of March 2017

This is completely different from the other styles that we saw in the previous illustrations. In fact, this set feature a childish theme and style, which is really common in children’s books. The set features multiple scenes representing little girl with animals or nature.

Illustrator: Dung Ho

AirBnb – oneairbnb 2017 – one love one line one world – Best Illustration of March 2017

Jonathan had an incredible opportunity during last year. He worked with Airbnb’s team to create an extraordinary piece of art, following his unique style. The art that he created is truly impressive and leaves people speechless, mostly after hearing that this is only a single line! The illustrator created a massive path, where the only recognizable elements are hands and feet. As the title suggest, they wanted to communicate the union and single line of communication that there is between the company and the users.

Illustrator: Jonathan Calugi

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Conceptual Illustrations – Best Illustration of March 2017

This set of illustrations include commercial work done for New York Times, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, DIE ZEIT, Weltwoche, Scientific American Mind and others. Also in this set, he used a salt and paper technic to highlight lights and shadows. These illustrations are really unique, and they all feature a subject included inside an empty space, so that the main concept can shine through and hit the viewer.

Illustrator: Daniel Stolle

Selected projects – Best Illustration of March 2017

Also this set of illustrations feature the Salt and Paper technic, but differently than the others, Sam took more care of details, including more natural colors and effects. Although, this set features different scenarios, which goes from a plausible and current moment to a completely surreal and futuristic world. As the title suggests, the common theme was Virtual Reality, so for that reason, a lot of these illustrations represent people looking through objects or the actual scenarios that they are looking at.

Illustrator: Sam Chivers

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Serkonan Legends  – Best Illustration of March 2017

Piotr is a truly talent, and this set of illustrations is the proof. He had the opportunity to design multiple concepts of Dishonored 2. Thank to his skills, he was able to create incredible scenarios which looks almost real. The incredible part of these illustrations is that the characters look digital painted, with an incredible cure of details and 3D, but the atmospheres look real, like in a photo.

Illustrator: Piotr Jabłoński