Mr Bara – Furniture Site

The business of selling Templates has been one of the best practices for Designers and Developers to earn passive income. The template market was born in the early 2000s, and one of the most famous companies in this space is Elegant Themes. Within the last couple years, the market saw a rapid growth thank to Avada Theme. It has been seen as a digital version of the California Gold Rush, where people could make thousands of dollars per year. But despite these awesome views, the dream started to slowly disappear for the majority of newcomers. In fact nowadays, it is extremely difficult to stand out, because the market is getting too saturated. Consequently, there isn’t space for new products.

In this specific article, we are going to talk about an awesome Furniture site template built by Logan Cee. Mr Bara is an eCommerce Wordpress Theme. It is currently available for sale, and you can get your copy on Themeforest.

The Design

The website feature a minimalistic and clean style. The main colors used are white, two grey tones and two browns. The main font used for both headlines and paragraphs is Poppins, which is a sans serif font that features roundish lines.

This mockup has been created with Adobe Creative Cloud

The site opens with a really clean hero section, featuring text on the left and a sofa on the right. The overall environment has a clean and simple look, featuring a flat colored background with well organized content.

After this first section, the Designer featured five categories positioned in a zig-zag pattern, using an interesting style. In fact, he overlapped the furniture’s photos to a colored square, with additional vertical fonts.

This mockup has been created with Adobe Creative Cloud

In his Behance project, Logan featured also the marketplace page, where you can find a list of products with filters on the left side. The overall design feature a clean and minimalistic look, with an abundance of white and soft colors.

Designer: Logan Cee
Project: Behance