Macbook Pro 2018

Apple is the most valued company and one of the most influent brand on the planet. It always surprises people, both in positive and negative ways. At their very last event in October of 2016, they released a brand new Macbook Pro with new features (or less, depending how you see it). As any other brand, there are lovers and haters, and a lot of them changed faction and joined the haters club because of multiple features introduced. One in particular made Daniel Brunsteiner think about a possible future evolution.

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The future Macbook Pro

Daniel created a really interesting concept of a Macbook Pro which presents a giant touch screen at the base of the laptop. As he showed, there will no longer be a physical keyboard, but the overall space will be a huge touch screen. Imagine it like having your iPad as your main keyboard.

Now, there are obviously  Pros and Cons about this concept.

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  • You can extend the overall touch pad to the whole bottom part, hiding the keyboard.
  • The touch screen will be finally compatible with the Apple Pen, which will lead to a completely new experience. In this way, you will no longer have to rely on external drive, like Wacom Tablets.
  • It will allow Apple to catch and even surpass Microsoft products. Right now, Microsoft devices are also touch screens and you can also use their pen. Apple’s solution will be far more convenient and most importantly ergonomic, because you will be able to draw, write and paint in a more normal position.
  • As Daniel specified, the device could take advantage of Apple’s own Taptic Engine to give to the user the feel of physical buttons. Also, because of the enlarged real estate, it could benefit visually impaired people by displaying Braille codes.


  • I personally hate touch screen keyboards (like on the iPad), because they obbligate you to look at it. The completely flat surface and absence of keys gaps is way less usable and productive than a real keyboard.
  • As advanced as it can be, Apple’s tap engine will not be able to recognize if you are touching the screen with your fingers or with your palms. Yes, when you will use the pen it will not recognize the palms, but while using the keyboard it will be extremely difficult to differentiate the two touches.
  • It will never be shipped, at least in 2018. Why? Because Apple established its target audience, which is way broader then it used to be. Initially, Apple aimed for professionals, like Designers and Artists. With this very last Macbook, they are now aiming for the average user, which will never need a huge touch pad.
This mockup has been created with Adobe Creative Cloud


Daniel did an incredible job with this futuristic Macbook Pro redesign. Even if there are a lot of pros about this concept, there are also a lot of doubts.

Designer: Daniel Brunsteiner
Project: Behance

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