Best UI UX Design of March 2017

March has been a great month for UI and UX designs. In fact, a lot of Agencies, freelancers and independent designers built incredible designs worth a share. Here’s the 10 Best UI UX Design of March 2017.

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Blank – Best UI UX Design of March 2017

Blank is a creative eCommerce mobile app. It features a creative and innovative look, determined by bold fonts, circular images and also colorful icons. As Jaejin showed in his presentation, the app feature six categories. Every single one of them feature a particular character and color scheme. This is truly one of the most creative eCommerce mobile app on the market.

Designer: Jaejin Bong

Airpiano City Book – Best UI UX Design of March 2017

Airpiano City Book is a creative way to find informations and discover interesting places on some of the most famous cities in the world. The app feature a 360° virtual tour, brief cities descriptions and lots of maps. But obviously, despite these few common elements, the real game changer is the city preview. In fact, the designer decided to build 3D recreations of the cities with a surreal and playful style. In fact, the cities are not created with real colors or elements, but rather with soft tones, like green, rose, orange, blue, yellow and gold.

Designer: Maxim Shkret – Yuiy Malugin – Andrei Nikiforov – Ilia Kazantsev

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OBLIVION GFX – Best UI UX Design of March 2017

Bradley and his team had the incredible opportunity to create all the interfaces showed in Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise. There aren’t enough words to describe the amount of work that they produce. They spaced from monitors, huge touch screen tables and also vehicle interfaces. The overall style applied is futuristic but at the same time minimalistic. They mainly used serif fonts with light blue colors, mixed with red and yellow tones.

Designer: Bradley G Munkowitz

Lufthansa Infotainment Concept – Best UI UX Design of March 2017

Bureau Oberhaeuser is becoming one of the greatest agencies thank to their way of thinking and product quality. This time, they created only a concept redesign of one of the most famous airline companies, Lufthansa. They created multiple screens suitable mostly for mobile devices, but also for on seat. The overall design feature a clean light look, with yellow and blue touches.

Agency: Bureau Oberhaeuser

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Gnomonoid – Best UI UX Design of March 2017

This is one of the most creative project that we have ever featured in this UI UX collection. Evgeny created an incredible set of illustrations for a mobile game, featuring also in game settings and navigation elements. It is just incredible how precise and unique the final result is. He didn’t limited itself to create simpler, or even just 2D screens. He tried to go further and built 3D interfaces, featuring the general cartoonish style applied.

Designer: Evgeny Viitman

Nokia OZO – Website – Best UI UX Design of March 2017

Viktor had the incredible opportunity to work for Nokia on their new website, featuring the world’s first professional Virtual Reality camera. The website obviously highlight the magnificent camera with unique photos and videos. The overall website feature a clean and minimalistic look, which follow the product’s style. The site features bold serif fonts, with mostly grey and black fonts.

Designer: Viktor Vörös

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Foodly – One-Stop Food Store – Best UI UX Design of March 2017

Olia Gozha is a Designer known for building beautiful and usable WordPress themes on Themeforest. With her team, she designed a fun Food blog website, featuring a clean and modern look. As we always does, she cures a lot the typography of the product, mixing serif fonts with sans serif, scripts and even slab.

Designer: Olia Gozha

Sayme – Best UI UX Design of March 2017

Sayme is a mobile app defines as “Tinder for discounts”. It feature an unique and crazy concept. You only have 60 seconds to get a hot discount, which is always higher than 40%. It probably follow the same trend started by Snapchat, which force people to use their app or they will never be able to see all the content published by their friends. The overall app feature a clean, light and minimalistic design. The main color is white, followed by a bold and attractive orange shade.

Designer: Stan Yakusevich

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Edcoin – Mobile App for Coeducation  – Best UI UX Design of March 2017

Sergey created a really interesting app that helps people to learn things. As the name suggest, the app help people connect each other and share their own skill with others. The overall app feature the most common practices and design trends. It presents a light, clean and minimalistic look. Every expert’s class is presented in a card, with multiple useful informations about it. In his presentation, he also showed the perfection of the app by showing the grid used.

Designer: Sergey Perepelkin

Amazfit v2.0 – Best UI UX Design of March 2017

Amazfit is a fitness app that allows people to achieve their goals, reaching a healthier lifestyle. The app’s design is incredibly clean and minimalistic. The main color used is white, and every card is composed by colorful icons and datas. In their in-detail presentation, they shared the overall onboarding process, which may seems a little bit too long and could discourage users, but the fact that this app works only when it is connected with one of the company’s device, makes it far more efficient. This app has been nominated for the Weebly award as the Best App UI and Best Health App.

Designer: Denys Nevozhai