10 Best Wordpress Theme of March 2017

Best WordPress Theme is a new series where we are going to list the best websites themes of every month. All of these products are available for sale on Themeforest. You will find a link under every item to see more details. Let’s jump into it!

Stack – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme with Variant Page Builder

Stack is an awesome Wordpress Theme that features a clean, simple and minimalistic look. As its name suggest, it is a wonderful starting point for multiple type of companies. It has been rated as the fastest selling theme, with more than 350 sales within the first 10 days!

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OneMax | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

OneMax is, as the previous one, a multipurpose theme that features many pre-made templates. It features a really clean style, featuring a white look with unlimited customization possibilities.

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Claue – Clean, Minimal WooCommerce Theme

Claue is one of the best themes under the design perspective. The theme features a modern style, focusing exclusively on the eCommerce side. As the others, it features various pre-made templates.

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Depot – A Contemporary Theme for eCommerce

Depot is extremely similar to the previous one. If you are into the minimalistic side and would like to have a Scandinavian minimalistic shop, that’s the best option for you. With over 130 sales and 4.5 stars of rating, it is one of the best and good looking themes available.

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Ambient – A Contemporary Theme for Interior Design, Decoration, and Architecture

Ambient is a stylish theme that provides an unique look and feel, aiming for Designers that would love to share their portfolio. It is extremely useful for Interior designers and architects.

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Mag WP | Magazine WordPress Theme

Amongst the multitude of Design and multipurpose themes, we finally have a magazine. It features a clean and fairly simple design, but extremely modern and suitable for news and other types of articles.

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SceneOne | Photography Theme for WordPress

SceneOne is one of the best templates created in March. It is perfect for photographers, artists or any type of person that would like to share lots of high resolution images.

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Koto – A Unique and Inspiring Portfolio Theme

Koto is just awesome. You can clearly see from its preview that it is going to be one of the most unique themes on the market. It features a minimalistic style, with abundance of white and grey tone, mixed with a bold flashy green. The author took a lot of time to craft the theme, specially considering the stunning details showed.

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Intact – Premium Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Intact is another multi-purpose theme that focus mostly on businesses and companies. Compared to the other templates highlighted, it features a more conservative and corporate look. As the others, it is an extremely elegant and modern solution for many businesses and startups.

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Azalea – A Fresh and Fashionable Photography Theme

Azalea is an unique template that deserves to be on this list. The theme features a colorful, candid and delicate look. As the name suggests, it is an awesome starting point if you want to build a career in the fashion industry, both as a model, photographer or stylist.

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