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Restaurant Website Inspiration

Restaurant Website Inspiration

The food industry is one of the oldest and most profitable market on the planet. Almost every day, a new restaurant or food track opens in the world. But unfortunately, only less than 10% survive after the first year. Despite these statistics, every restaurant owner try his best to build his new profession. In some cases, they are even able to build an empire.

In this specific case, we are talking about one of the top restaurants in Prague. As Jaromir briefly described the project,

Few weeks ago we took a challenge to design a website for one of the best restaurants in Prague.

This website design was an attempt to create a brand new website for a top restaurant in Europe, participating through a contest. Unfortunately, as they specified, they arrived in the second place, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve more than a mention! In fact, they have proven their skills and creativity.

The Design

On Dribbble, they only shared the landing page, but that’s enough to understand their quality level and way of thinking outside the box. The first impact is remarkable. The website feature a white, clean and minimalistic look. One of the key features is the use of diagonal shapes, like rectangles and triangles. In this way, they were able to convey dynamism and elegance at the same time. Another unmissable key element is food. How could a restaurant website convey what they do and how well they do if they don’t share a single plate? For that reason, the page opens with a colorful dish, composed by green and orange sauce stripes, which increase even more the sense of dynamism and movement.

Throughout the page, the Designer decided to enrich the composition with small leaves, giving a little bit of color to the composition. As we already specified, photos are extremely important. For that reason, they included multiple pictures of the restaurant, atmosphere and obviously their top dishes.

The main colors used are white, light grey and a soft pink. In order make the brand look even more elegant, they opted for black serif fonts for headlines, and sans serif grey fonts for paragraphs. Soulmates indeed tried to produce an unique layout, which could look chaotic at first impact, but then it makes more sense when you start to see the site, step by step. For instance, the central part of the website feature a diagonal line of content, which includes three sections that begins from the far left and end up on the far right.

Designer: Jaromir Kveton
Agency: Soulmates

browserpreview_tmp_05.14.39 - Best UI UX Design of February 2017

10 Best UI UX Design of February 2017

10 Best UI UX Design of February 2017

February has been a great month for UI and UX Designs. A lot of Agencies, Freelancers and also Independent Designers built incredible products.
In this article, we are going to list 10 best UI UX Design of January 2017.

POC UI Dashboard, Calendar Project – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Here’s again Eric’s project. This time, he created an outstanding dashboard which includes a calendar. As he specified, this is only a visual exploration of a real product that he and his team are working on. Although, this first result is extremely impressive. The overall dashboard features a mix of a dark and light themes. For the main datas, like the calendar and the tasks assigned to each day, they chose a white and clean theme. Instead, for the lateral navigation bar, top search bar and two infographics that compose the dashboard, they chose a dark theme. Regarding the colors, the calendar features soft green, violet, blue and orange tones, which becomes more saturated in the dashboard.

Eric also included a second screen which features the same exact style and elements, with the only difference inside the dashboard. This time, instead of two infographics, there is a map that highlight a path. Also in this screen, the path colors are extremely saturated, featuring a red to blue shade.

Designer: Eric Hoffman

WIP – Find top class Sport Instructors or Gyms nearby – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Yury is a talented designer that works at Awesomed. In this Dribbble Shot, he featured a work in progress of a Gym website, which allows people to find and hire only the best Sport instructors. This page is extremely clean and simple. In fact it features white as the main color. But because a simple white page would have been too boring, Yury and his team decided to make it pop and stand out from the competitors with violet and blue watercolors behind the main search bar. This is an outstanding idea, not only because it gives a unique look, but also because it share the energy of the instructors. The main content of the page is composed by white cards elevated with a light shadow. In order to make the design more vibrant and colorful, he included various icons inside each card.

Designer: Yury Smirnov

Aston Martin UI exploration for iOS app by Gleb – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Gleb is one of the most talented person on Dribbble. He inspires everyone every time that he posts on the platform. The main reason is because his designs aren’t obviously trivial, and every single part is carefully crafted. In this specific shot, he featured two screens of an Aston Martin UI concept. The first screen feature a profile photo with the car owner’s name. Below, we can find a photo album and two icons that allow people to call and chat. The bottom part of the screen features a set of cards which represent the Stories.

The second screen instead represent the lateral menu, which makes me think about some cool possible transitions, based on the elements kept on the screen and how they could transform. The overall design feature two key characteristics of Gleb’s design: Dark theme and mix of flat and 3D elements.

Designer: Gleb Kuznetsov

Dashboard Food Provider – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Bagus created an outstanding dashboard for a food provider. The overall design features a clean and minimalistic look, where grey is the main background color. Because the dashboard represents the food industry, it features orange and red tones for the main infographics, and blue for the links and call to actions. The overall design is well thought, and all the elements has a specific hierarchy. In fact, the left side features the amount of completed orders. On the other side, there are various charts that shows the pending orders, statistics and even a people’s ranking based on amount of orders.

Designer: Bagus Fikri

Customer Support and Orders History Screens [Dark Version] – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

In this shot, Alexander created an extremely clean and minimalistic app design. This set features two screens related to the Help and support section. It is really rare to see some designs that feature these particular parts of a product, because they are generally threatened as secondary pages with no value. But here is where Alexander stand out and shows all of his UX skills. In fact, if a company shows so many details, and most importantly, they took their time to design an awesome support screen, it means that the firm actually cares about its users, and they would love to help them to achieve their objectives. So, this is not only a great example of UI Design, but also UX.

Designer: Alexander Zaytsev

Whym – App Views – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Whym is a new product under Netguru’s development which allows people to bring a real, human interpreter anywhere they go. Netguru is an extraordinary agency which is making his name in the Design industry thanks to its clean and minimalistic style, making every product unique also by using rich icons and illustrations. In this set of app screens published by Luke, they included over 15 screens, which is only a tiny part of the whole project. We can see various pop-ups, menus and sections of the app. The overall design features a clean white look, with green and red tones for call to actions and to enrich the icons and illustrations. Because Netguru carefully think about its clients but also to its presentations, they built a Behance case study and wrote an article where they interviewed Whym’s CEO, featuring the most memorable moments while building the application.

Designer: Luke Pachytel

Experimental music player – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

This is indeed one of the coolest form of UI and UX Design of this month. Nikita built an incredible animation of a possible futuristic music player. The interface features a dark theme, with a dark blue background. But the real eye-catchy part is indeed the center, where he featured various elements that transit from one to another. As he explained in his project description, this concept tries to use artificial intelligence to draw items, animals and scenes on the screen, based on the music played.

It sounds indeed as a step into the future, and it looks extremely cool. On the UI design perspective, it is genius, but under the UX, it’s the opposite. This specific case could be a lot controverse depending by the way you look at it. If you think about the “wow” effect, it could indeed bring in so many music listeners and easily become a top hit in the music industry. But after that first impression, and specially when you think about how users interact with their phones while listening to music, you start to realize that people don’t stare all the time at their music player. Instead, they hit the play button and start running, browsing the internet, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

So at the end, this is an extremely valuable concept, but I don’t see it as a real game changer on a phone. Maybe a desktop/large screen version could be even more impactful, and it could be a great addition for live-events.

Designer: Nikita Duhovny

Travel App Animation – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

In this animation concept, Prakash created multiple steps that allow users to book a flight. In this shot, he featured five screens. The very first one represent the starting point, where you can see your latest flights. The second screen represents the search option, where a user is going to type the location where he is looking to reach. After the location, you access to a new screen where you have to decide the departure date and the return date. In the forth screen, a dropdown appears from the bottom where you are going to specify how many passengers there will be. The very last screen features the final result, showing all your already booked flights, including prices, airline company and dates. The overall design features a dark and clean theme, with orange call to actions and blue and yellow for smaller elements.

Designer: Prakash Ghodke

Aston Martin iOS product design for am37 speed boat – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Gleb made his appearance for the second time in this Top 10. This time, its design is not a static screen, but an animations. The small interaction features a loading screen for an Aston Martin app concept. The screen opens with the car’s company logo which fade away and get replaced by a blue line that move from the bottom of the screen to the middle. When it reaches this position, it magically transform into a luminous blue spiral. At the center of this geometrical form, there is a bright spot, which could represent a car’s light. Below it, a text appears that asks to the user to attach his fingerprint to the device.

Designer: Gleb Kuznetsov

Private Lessons App – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

In this last shot of the article, we featured Michael’s work in progress. This is a really promising platform that allows people to hire private teachers for private lessons. In this first look, he included three screens. Two of them present the same login content but with different colors and pictures. The third screen is the most interesting and rich of elements, because it represents the main screen where the action is going to take place. The interface features an extremely clean and simple design, with lots of white and light grey tones. As a section separator, the designer chose to use outlines instead of shadows. The overall dashboard is well balanced, and the soft colors help users to relax and focus on the real tasks.

Designer: Michael Korwin

Stories of the Intercontinental Life Microsite - Screen 2

Stories of the Intercontinental Life Microsite

Stories of the Intercontinental Life Microsite

Stories of the Intercontinental life is a microsite designed for Intercontinental Hotels, featuring a multi-sensory journey into stories from the most inspiring places in the world.
The San Diego based agency Mirum created an outstanding microsite for Intercontinental Hotels, the largest multinational hotel chain in the world.

The purpose of this microsite is to share the most beautiful places in the world and obviously to promote its +4500 hotels. The website opens with an outstanding sea view from a house built right on the water. On top of it, the Designers placed all the elements with a centered alignment. From the top to the bottom, we have a logo, a headline and a sub-headline. They showed them in an unique and classy way, with white and gold colors and also serif fonts.

The following sections feature a fixed-screen style. The main font remains Baskerville, a serif font, and the secondary is Gill Sans, which is, as the name suggests, a sans serif. The overall style of the website feature a classy look and feel, also thank to the golden diamond and thin outlined shapes.

Approximately at one third of the site, a lateral bar appears with a new navigation system. Also this one feature a white and gold theme with outlined diamond shapes.
As they showed in their presentation, the website is also perfect for mobile devices.
Designer: Leo Rabelo
Agency: Mirum San Diego
Project: Behance

best website inspiration of February 2017 - Kovac

10 Best Website Inspiration of February 2017

10 Best Website Inspiration of February 2017

February has been a great month for websites design. In fact, a lot of Agencies, freelancers and independent designers built incredible designs worth a share. Here’s the 10 Best Website Design of February 2017.


Isadora Agency built an incredible website for TechStyle Fashion Group, featuring a modern and clean design. The website is rich of images and cards overlapping each other, creating great and unique compositions. The site features a white theme, with black and grey fonts, with highlights and links in blue.

Agency: Isadora Agency

Steve Roach

Slava created an outstanding website for Steve Roach, an American composer and performer of ambient electronic music. The site features a dark theme. The layout features fixed screens that transit horizontally, unveiling new content. The website features multiple pages built with different styles, alternating horizontal and vertical scrolling.

Designer: Slava Fedutik

Marvel / Civil War Content Hub Concept

Leo created a concept for the new Captain America film. The site features unique transitions and a great layout. As it should be, the site is populated by film’s pictures and even a trivia about the superhero. The overall design features a dark theme, where blue is the main color followed by Captain America’s red.

Designer: Leo Rabelo

HBK / Creative Agency

Mike from Creative Mints is the most followed Designer on Dribbble. This time, he created an incredible home page for HBK Agency, featuring a violet background and colorful sections.

Designer: Mike

Homepage – Camper Trailers (WIP)

Martin is a Designer at Balkan Brothers. In this Homepage design, he created a unique atmosphere for a camper and camping company. The design features a clean look, although its dirty look. The most interesting elements include colorful painting stripes, script-grunge fonts and scratched section transitions.

Designer: Martin Strba


Vipp is one of the Best Website inspiration of February 2017. In this home page, Andrew featured an extremely minimalistic and simple design, where the only colors are black and white. One of the most interesting part of the website is the hero section, which features a floating navigation bar and a vertical side bar. In order to make the design pop even more and to make it classier, he used serif fonts for headlines and sans serif for paragraphs.

Designer: Andrew Baygulov


Here’s again Andrew work, but this time he designed a product company that creates unique lamps. Similar to his previous design, he used a minimalistic and clean approach, where images become the real subject.

Designer: Andrew Baygulov

Edd – Landing Page (.sketch)

Alan created a colorful landing page. The layout features a simple zig-zag pattern. The overall design shows a minimalistic and clean design, enriched with colorful smooth shapes. The most impressive section is the hero, where a user is instantly caught thanks to the fluxes and cleanliness.

Designer: Alan Podemski

Gift Giving Project Landing Page

Tolik create a really nice landing page, featuring a minimalistic and extremely clean style. In fact, the overall page shows a lot of light areas enriched with circular shapes and gifts, which are obviously the main subject of the page.

Designer: Tolik Nguyen

Teachable – About Us

This is one of the Best website inspiration of February 2017 thank to its clean and simple design. The page features soft color tones, spacing from orange to green and even violet. One of the most remarkable element is the big script font “Everything is Teachable” which creates a unique first impact.

Designer: Filip Justi

Elementalist Lux Website - Loading

Elementalist Lux Website

Elementalist Lux Website Design

Elementalist Lux is a brand new skin available for League of Legends. You can read more technical characteristics about all the items included on Riot Games’ website.

The Los Angeles based agency collaborated with Riot Games to build a mini website where they featured their new skin pack for League of Legends.

This is how they describe it:

The Elementalist Lux skin was one of League of Legends’ marquee offerings of 2016. Watson worked with Riot Games to develop a best-in-class promotional site that conveyed the skin’s many offerings and showcased the wide variety of features players could unlock by purchasing. Mobile-friendly and localized into 16+ languages, the site was truly a global effort.

Elementalist Lux Website

The website opens with an incredible animation composed by the pack’s logo surrounded by a colorful loading circle that transits from cyan to magenta. After that the loading screen has been completed, the site shows an introductory video.

The following sections show other videos and an overview of all the elements included inside the skin pack. The section features descriptions, pictures and a really detailed Download button.

One of the most interesting and unique parts of the website is the transition between the Overview and Details part. In fact, there is a nice opening with animated text, but when you try to scroll down the real magic happens. With a single scroll you are triggering the animation which features the background picture’s decomposition, unveiling the following section.

From this point, the website switch from a light to a dark theme, featuring all of the elements shared in the pack. In both the Details and Gameplay sections, the agency featured animations and screenshots from the game. Again, between the Details and Gameplay sections there is another unique transition.

The very last section features a simple zig-zag layout, alternating headlines with in-games animations.

In Conclusion

Watson DG did an incredible job in this website design, creating a beautiful and unique experience. They were able to capture also the game’s theme and apply it into the site. The most remarkable elements are indeed the transitions, game’s animations and pictures.

Agency: Watson DG
Project: Behance

World of Audi - Intro

World of Audi

World of Audi

Audi is one of the most famous luxury car brand in the world. Funded in the 20th century, Audi is one of the oldest car manufacturer in the world. Because of their unique brand and also luxurious look, Philadelphia based agency Efir Media decided to build an incredible website.

Their inspiration –

We were drawing inspiration from modern architecture, art installations and obviously incredible Audi car designs while building this concept. Precise combination of lines and elegant forms used by Audi car designers helped us excite our perception, which eventually transformed into final shape of our concept. Photos and text were taken from an official website.

As they said, Architecture, art installations and Audi Cars inspired them, and you can actually see these elements while scrolling through the website.

The Design

The home page features an incredible hero section. In this opening screen, they included Audi cars, but also animated graphics, like swirls and also a pointed globe. The overall website features a dark theme, with dark grey backgrounds and light fonts. Designers approached the project with a minimalistic style, making the user to focus exclusively on photos. As we already saw in previous inspirations, the website features a slide, fixed-screen style navigation, where they featured different elements in each one of them. The very first one features different cars, with a slick lateral menu which features all their models. In the second slide, they featured only car’s photos in a two by two grid.

The next screens represent a specific car’s page, containing all of its technical specifications. They featured realistic 3D models of every car, with the possibility to rotate them at 360°. In the second step, a user can customize it by choosing different models and also colors.

The second section features all its technical specifications, where all of their numbers shine and reflect the power of the brand. In the third section, they featured the car’s gallery, with an horizontal slide that allows user to scroll through the content.

The very last section is the most unique of all, featuring various cards with their social profiles, newsletters, and news. One card in particular caught our attention, and it’s the “Mission to the Moon”. It features an eye-catching animation on hover, where the pointed globe starts to spin, creating a fantastic visual effect.

In Conclusion

Efir Media did an incredible job in redesigning Audi’s website, creating an outstanding experience and also being able to keep their car’s high standards. The only downside is that this is only a concept, and unfortunately we will never be able to see it really implemented.
Designers: Darren MaenYury Belazor
Source: Behance

MGCom Microsite - mobile responsive design

MGCom Microsite

MGCom. Concept

MGCom is a creative microsite design concept. Two Russian Designers developed this concept, achieving an incredible final result.

The microsite features only five fixed-screens, but each one of them presents different elements in an unique way. The very first one represents a scenographic opening animation, composed by multiple geometric shapes, like triangles, circles and also lines. When the opening animation has successfully completed its cicle, the very first section appears. It features a split screen design, with a blue background on the left side and an unique image on the right. They took a particular attention to details, studying a fairly simple layout but rich of content. In fact, the website features texts on the left side and a big image on the right side, treated with blue and red tones.

The very first screen features an opening headline with a paragraph. The second features various numbers and analytics. The third represents some product logos, like Google AdWords and Begun. The very last shows even more number and analytics, featuring the Cost per Action. But a part from the actual content represented on every screen, the real detail that makes the design pop is the headline treatment. In fact, every single one of them has been placed in the middle of the screen, like a badge. In the opening screen, they featured various geometric shapes overlapped by the name of the brand. All the other screens feature the section’s headline, and each one of them present a different composition, with different shapes and colors.

In Conclusion

The two Russian Designers did an incredible job in this microsite design concept, specially with the headline treatment and colors combinations. Even if this is only a desktop concept, they presented a small mobile version, featuring the website on an iPad.

Tame Impala - Hero Section

Tame Impala Website Redesign

Tame Impala Website Redesign

Tame Impala is one of the most famous band that is currently playing rock music. They arrive from Perth, and their psychedelic music is currently one of the best.
Because they also own a website, London based Designer Giorgia Xia decided to redesign their website, with incredible results.

The Website

The website features strong blue tones that dictates the overall look of the site. An interesting feature is the presence of multicolored bubbles that fluctuate around the site. They obviously remark the psychedelic theme and trend of the band’s music and source of inspiration.
The Home page features a really creative design, divided in fixed screens. The first one features the official video of their latest track, with a frame of it on the right side and texts on the left. Giorgia carefully choose the best fonts, and we can see a particular treatment with headlines. In fact, she applied multiple layer effects to fonts, which are the same used for creating 3D images. Also the buttons features a multicolored outline style, which is extremely helpful to make them stand out from the other content.

The second screen features their News, showing all their updates regarding concerts and new tracks released. It features a horizontal navigation, divided in two lines.
The third screen features their upcoming concerts, with a list of all the dates and places where they are going to perform. This section features a simpler look, with only texts and no images.
The fourth section features the biography of the band’s members. The following one has a similar layout as the News section, featuring a two lines layout with a horizontal navigation, highlighting all their videos.
The very last part of the website features the footer, which is incredibly unique. In fact, Giorgia decided to give it an entire section, with all the most important links on the left side and a subscribe form on the right.

Mobile Design

Giorgia carefully crafted also the mobile version of the website. In fact, she showed a couple screens of the website for smartphones, where she dropped part of the fixed screen concept in order to gain a more classic and smoother vertical navigation.

In Conclusion

Giorgia Xia built an outstanding Tame Impala website redesign, showing all of her skills, not only on the actual design of the website, but also with transitions and 3D elements. Furthermore, one of the most interesting detail is that this is her first and only project published on Behance. What a beautiful entrance into the Design game!
Designer: Giorgia Xia
Source: Behance

10 Best UI UX Design of January 2017 - Braun

10 Best UI UX Design of January 2017

10 Best UI UX Design of January 2017

January has been a great month for UI-UX Designs. A lot of Agencies, Freelancers and also Independent Designers built incredible products.
In this article, we are going to list 10 best UI UX Design of January 2017.

Moximo. Recruiting app.

Art Lemon’s team built an incredible application to look for jobs. It features more than 500 UI elements, a clean interface and even incredible illustrations. The main colors used are green and orange. In their presentation, they featured all the steps that brought to the creation of the app, including the UX and final UI.

Lonely Planet HP – Marquee exploration

In this quick shot, Claudio showed some new animations introduced to the Lonely Planet website. They featured a very interesting opening screen, with a zoom-out on the photo and a quick appearance of the main elements. But the most interesting element that makes the animation pop even more is the presence of the lenses’ light particles, giving even more depth to the overall composition.
Designer: Claudio Guglieri
Source: Dribbble

Braun site exploration

Eddie created a concept for a possible Braun redesign, featuring a clean and simple design, but never trivial. In fact, he took a particular attention to the button’s shapes and the typography.
Designer: Eddie Lobanovskiy
Source: Dribbble

InVision’s 2016 Year in Review

InVision is one of the most loved tool by Designers, and in order to celebrate their success, they built a website that contains all their achievements from the past year. It features a clean UI supported by eye-catching colors and soft animations.

A new

In January, Dropbox reinvented the way people collaborate with each other. They released a completely new Home page and two new products. You can read more about their new products in this article.


KREATIVA Studio produced an incredible design of a platform that allows people to discover and explore new places. It features a clean and minimalistic design, with some really interesting details, such as the big red circle placed in the top left corner.
Agency: KREATIVA Studio
Source: Dribbble

Dashboard Engie

AgenceMe shared a small part of a much larger project made for Engie. This small shot features everything a Designer would like to see: A great use of typography, colors and visuals.
Agency: AgenceMe
Source: Dribbble

IoT navigation for smart home product interaction

Fantasy is an incredible agency that has worked for some of the major brands in the world. Gleb is part of the team, and he always delight Dribbble’s users with incredible interactions. In this case, he showed an interaction for a smart home product, supported by two incredible transitions.
Designer: Gleb Kuznetsov
Source: Dribbble


In this UI design, Fabio shared two screens of an iOS mobile application. It features a clean minimal UI, with both the light and dark side. The second one is the most unique, thank to the wired illustration that covers the entire bottom right part of the screen. It is indeed a good touch to make the screen pop and to fill a possible gap.
Designer: Fabio Basile
Source: Dribbble


Last but not least, we have an incredible design built by Fireart Studio. They featured one of the most “battered” sections of a website, the Pricing section. Generally, it is composed by a couple cards that features the prices and features. In this case, they created a very creative design by adding unique illustrations.
Agency: Fireart Studio
Source: Dribbble