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10 Best Illustration of February 2017

10 Best Illustration of February 2017

February has been an incredible month for artists. In fact, we found a lot of high quality illustrations and drawings to choose from. We handpicked the best 10 Illustrations of February.

Mercedes – Benz

The very first one feature a set of five illustrations built by the extremely talented Romain Trystram. In the past year, he created multiple illustrations for Mercedes-Benz. You can read more about this set here.

Nikewomen Tight 2017 – Artworks

Thomas built an incredible set of illustrations for Nike. One of the most remarkable element is his style. In fact, he realized these illustrations with black and white watercolors, using an extremely unusual perspective, showing the subjects from the bottom to the top.
Artist: Thomas Cian

Bakea for Nutcase

This set of illustrations is one of the best illustration of February because of its style and uniqueness. These illustrations are also funny advertising for helmets, where subjects were represented while riding a bike, with huge heads and with also various monsters attached to them.


This illustration created by Marti Serra is really eye-catchy. It represents a blue half head filled with a red liquid and also an orange fish and bird. The overall design feature a really clean vector style.
Artist: Marti Serra

And when you lose control

And when you lose control is indeed one of the best illustration of February 2017, because it features an outstanding hand drawing of an antelope with two polyps attached to it. But what really makes this drawing unique is the closer detail. In fact, if you look closely, you can actually see that the beasts are composed by other figures, like animals, people, nature or even mix of them, like a bird with a human head.

Digital Paintings 2015-2016

This set features many illustrations and also videos of how they were made. They feature a unique cartoonish style, featuring a subtle 3d effect.

(You Want It) Darker – Illustrations

This is an incredible set of illustrations, and I suggest you to look at the original project where you can see all his work, because they are really, really great. The featured illustration includes a dark soldier overlapped by a white child.

Uncharted 4 Opening Titles

Uncharted is one of the most famous videogame titles, and Simon had the pleasure to create some opening illustrations. All of his work includes only black and white ink drawings of Nepal, people and vehicles.
Artist: Simon Prades

Siberian Character

This set of illustrations feature animals like hawk, tiger and also a bear while mixed with other elements and landscapes. The overall designs feature a vector drawing method.
Artist: Ivan Belikov


Western is one of the best illustration of February 2017, thank to high quality presented in the set. In fact, these digital paintings are so good and details that could be easily used for videogames or real projects.
Artist: Roman Chaliy

Mercedes Benz Illustration - Side Car

Mercedes Benz Illustration by Romain Trystram

Mercedes Benz Illustration

During 2016, the german agency Realgestalt commissioned Romain Trystram to create another set of illustrations for Mercedes. As everyone knows, Mercedes Benz is one of the most valuable brand in the world, thank to their high-class vehicles. Probably also thank to the success scored by the company during the previous row of illustrations, they decided to go again with the talented illustrator from Morocco.

In his Behance presentation, Romain shared both flat illustrations and real applications on mobile devices. He shared examples of his work presented on iPads, websites and real paper magazine.
One of his keys characteristics are colors and perspective. In fact, he loves to play with city landscapes, specially during night. In this way, he is able to experiment as much as possible with lights and colors. Also looking at his previous work, we can see an extensive use of violet and cyan colors, which are generally supported by dark blues tones.

The Set

This set features five illustrations. Two of them contain a shiny Mercedez car as the main subject. Also the third features a car, but it is less noticeable, because it presents an air shot. The last one features a beautiful night-time landscape of a metropolis.
Both the first two illustrations feature an incredible Mercedes Benz Illustration, which looks almost real. The first one contains a side shot of the car, featuring a colorful outline, with stars that enrich the composition. The second illustration contains a frontal shot of the car with a semi-circular stripe positioned above the vehicle, which contains three icons. They represent some of the features that you can have with the car.

In the third illustration, Romain represented an aerial shot of a street during night-time, with a tiny car in the far right and two trucks around it.
The very last illustration, we have a beautiful landscape of a city at night, where you can see illuminated skyscrapers in the distance and a red-yellowish bridge in the foreground.

In Conclusion

Romain did an awesome job also for this set of illustrations. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a third set of illustrations made for Mercedes in the upcoming year. But the real challenge will be to come up with more creative solutions and scenes.
Designer: Romain Trystram
Source: Behance

PepCity Super Bowl - Cover

PepCity Super Bowl

PepCity Super Bowl Illustration

The Super Bowl is one of the most famous event that happens every year in US. It is the annual championship game of the NFL, featuring only the best two teams of the league. It gathers millions of viewers from all the globe, generating records over records. In fact, in the last couple years, it generated over 100 Millions of viewers per event.
So, what’s a better place than that to share your brand and get eyes on your products?
This is what Pepsi Cola thought. They hired Alexis Marcou to create PepCity Super Bowl, an extraordinary set of illustrations made for 2016 Super Bowl event.

The set features two main illustrations, representing a NFL player. The real characteristic of these illustration is indeed their style. Throughout the years, Marcou developed a unique and also creative style, which allowed him to work for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Both the illustrations features a blue color scheme for the main look and golden-yellow tones for details. These colors obviously represent Pepsi’s colors, and so their brand too. Another important detail that characterize Marcou’s style is the visual representation of motion. In fact, both the players show dynamic positions. Dynamism is represented with lines and straight shapes, dictated by the player’s movements.

Work in Progress

Apart from the incredible final result, on the design perspective it is also interesting to see his creative process. In his project, he shared multiple photographies of his work in progress. He featured some hand drawn illustrations on paper and sketches on real photos, but the most interesting part includes transparent plastic sheets. In fact, he created all the splatter effects by painting stripes of white colors on plastic sheets and scratched them with spatulas. For the final touch, he captured “Newton Rings” by photographing glass surfaces and he applied them on the final artworks. In this way, he created more visual textures, fluidity and depth.


In his final part of the project, he also shared some real applications of his designs. They include billboards, TV screens, brochures, Pepsi’s app and even fabrics.
Artist: Alexis Marcou
Project: Behance

Olympus Hero Image

Olympus Illustration - Advertising by Martine Strøm

Olympus Illustration - Advertising by Martine Strom

Olympus Illustration is one of the coolest Illustrations in the Advertising field.

Martine Strom created an advertising concept for Olympus travel camera, representing it in the middle of a forest. As she describes in the project concept, Olympu’s camera is for travelers, explorers and adventurous people. So, what’s the best way of showing its resistance than surrounding it with nature?

As she describes Olympus Illustration and share her thoughts:

The challenge was to make a print ad for one of Olympus’ travel cameras.
This model can withstand dust, humidity, is quick, compact, and more robust than some of the other cameras in their range. A damp jungle theme seemed perfect to illustrate its qualities, and focus on travelling. We wanted to do something unexpected, by using illustration rather than photography for Olympus to visualize our concept.

I have created a few of these illustrations, the rest is a collage of vintage botanical illustrations from the 1800-1900. This was a suitable illustration style, as the camera house also has a retro/vintage design and feel. This concept can also advance to an extended campaign, with different landscapes and vegetation representing various destinations (desert, pine forest, prairie and so on).

As she admits in her project description, she didn’t make all the elements included in the composition. Some were designed, and some others were taken and assembled from vintage botanical illustrations from the 19th and 20th Century.
But she has, without any doubt, great skills and abilities, as she showed during the work in progress.
In fact, she presented multiple drawings and paintings of her creative process.

One of the particularity of her work is that she didn’t included only natural elements. In fact, part of her drawings were also animals, such as a bee and a toucan.
At that point, thinking about her idea and concept, we can find connections between the chosen animals and the adventurous style adopted, because both the animals, specially the toucan, are from exotic place, reinforcing the Travel Concept.

Final Project Presentations

In her final presentation, Martine showed possible applications of her illustration. She firstly displayed it in a subway as an Ad, then as a A3 printing and finally as a book cover.
All of her applications are pretty catchy, and Olympus could easily adopted them as their new marketing and promotional material.
Source of the Project: Project
Designer: Martine Strøm