Stories of the Intercontinental Life Microsite - Screen 2

Stories of the Intercontinental Life Microsite

Stories of the Intercontinental Life Microsite

Stories of the Intercontinental life is a microsite designed for Intercontinental Hotels, featuring a multi-sensory journey into stories from the most inspiring places in the world.
The San Diego based agency Mirum created an outstanding microsite for Intercontinental Hotels, the largest multinational hotel chain in the world.

The purpose of this microsite is to share the most beautiful places in the world and obviously to promote its +4500 hotels. The website opens with an outstanding sea view from a house built right on the water. On top of it, the Designers placed all the elements with a centered alignment. From the top to the bottom, we have a logo, a headline and a sub-headline. They showed them in an unique and classy way, with white and gold colors and also serif fonts.

The following sections feature a fixed-screen style. The main font remains Baskerville, a serif font, and the secondary is Gill Sans, which is, as the name suggests, a sans serif. The overall style of the website feature a classy look and feel, also thank to the golden diamond and thin outlined shapes.

Approximately at one third of the site, a lateral bar appears with a new navigation system. Also this one feature a white and gold theme with outlined diamond shapes.
As they showed in their presentation, the website is also perfect for mobile devices.
Designer: Leo Rabelo
Agency: Mirum San Diego
Project: Behance

Best Illustration of February 2017 - Western

10 Best Illustration of February 2017

10 Best Illustration of February 2017

February has been an incredible month for artists. In fact, we found a lot of high quality illustrations and drawings to choose from. We handpicked the best 10 Illustrations of February.

Mercedes – Benz

The very first one feature a set of five illustrations built by the extremely talented Romain Trystram. In the past year, he created multiple illustrations for Mercedes-Benz. You can read more about this set here.

Nikewomen Tight 2017 – Artworks

Thomas built an incredible set of illustrations for Nike. One of the most remarkable element is his style. In fact, he realized these illustrations with black and white watercolors, using an extremely unusual perspective, showing the subjects from the bottom to the top.
Artist: Thomas Cian

Bakea for Nutcase

This set of illustrations is one of the best illustration of February because of its style and uniqueness. These illustrations are also funny advertising for helmets, where subjects were represented while riding a bike, with huge heads and with also various monsters attached to them.


This illustration created by Marti Serra is really eye-catchy. It represents a blue half head filled with a red liquid and also an orange fish and bird. The overall design feature a really clean vector style.
Artist: Marti Serra

And when you lose control

And when you lose control is indeed one of the best illustration of February 2017, because it features an outstanding hand drawing of an antelope with two polyps attached to it. But what really makes this drawing unique is the closer detail. In fact, if you look closely, you can actually see that the beasts are composed by other figures, like animals, people, nature or even mix of them, like a bird with a human head.

Digital Paintings 2015-2016

This set features many illustrations and also videos of how they were made. They feature a unique cartoonish style, featuring a subtle 3d effect.

(You Want It) Darker – Illustrations

This is an incredible set of illustrations, and I suggest you to look at the original project where you can see all his work, because they are really, really great. The featured illustration includes a dark soldier overlapped by a white child.

Uncharted 4 Opening Titles

Uncharted is one of the most famous videogame titles, and Simon had the pleasure to create some opening illustrations. All of his work includes only black and white ink drawings of Nepal, people and vehicles.
Artist: Simon Prades

Siberian Character

This set of illustrations feature animals like hawk, tiger and also a bear while mixed with other elements and landscapes. The overall designs feature a vector drawing method.
Artist: Ivan Belikov


Western is one of the best illustration of February 2017, thank to high quality presented in the set. In fact, these digital paintings are so good and details that could be easily used for videogames or real projects.
Artist: Roman Chaliy

Best Desk Setup of 2017 - workstation

10 Best Desk Setup of 2017

10 Best Desk Setup of 2017

Every person has his own batcave. In our situation, Designers and Developers’ batcave is indeed their desk. Specially Designers, which should know about design, take a particular attention to their setup. In this beginning of 2017, a lot of Designers showed their brand new setup, where they are going to spend the majority of their time. Every single setup contains unique items and different hardwares, spacing from iMacs, Laptops, iPads and even Microsoft Tablets. This is the top 10, with the cleanest and also coolest placed to work.

My workstation

Eddie Lobanovskiy is one of the most followed Dribbbler, with over 70.000 followers. His desk features a 2014 Macbook Pro supported by a 38″ LG curved monitor. Because of his style and working method, he doesn’t use a mouse, but only a Intous Pro tablet.
Source: Dribbble


Pedja Rusic has an extremely cool workspace, where he doesn’t cure only the desk, but even the entire room! It features rose-violet walls with violet desktops, a white couch with violet pillows. Regarding his desk, he has a 21,5″ iMac, a Wacom Tablet and a majestic +40″ display in the middle of the desk.
Source: Dribbble

Aztech Design

This desk setup is extremely simple, clean and minimalistic. It features a light wooden desk surface, with two white IKEA drawers that supports the main table. The chair is also white with wooden legs. His main equipment is composed by a Macbook Pro placed on a stand with also the iPhone on his right, also supported by a metallic stand.
Source: Dribbble


Also this workspace is extremely clean and minimalistic. It features a love for the white. In fact, he works with a 5k iMac, a Macbook Pro on a white table, with a white wall and white ornaments. The only touch of color is given by the firewatch wallpaper of his main machine, featuring red and orange tones.
Source: Dribbble


This is indeed one of the best desk setup of 2017, thank to its cleanliness and simplicity. Unfortunately, this is only a render, but still, remains a really cool place where to be creative.
Source: Dribbble

Best of Both Worlds!

Virgil’s setup features a colorful workspace, thank to a colored violet light placed behind his main machines. It features a 2013 Macbook Pro, 2012 27″ Thunderbolt display and a 2016 Surface Pro 4. On the very far left, he has a custom built PC for 3D and animations.
Source: Dribbble

My Workspace

Nathan, one of the designers at Green Chameleon features an incredible setup, where wood is the king. He has an iMac supported by a secondary screen. Both of them are elevated from the main wooden desk on a secondary surface. Also his accessories are made of wood or brown leather. The only non-wooden elements are his computer’s wallpapers, but they show an (obviously) wooden forest.
Source: Dribbble


Paperpillar’s agency features a clean and minimalistic office, with white IKEA desks and colorful chairs. Their main machines are Macbooks and iMacs. A really neat feature is their cat, which they consider part of the office.
Source: Dribbble

My Workstation

Vince’s desk setup is really unique and one of the best desk setup inspiration of 2017, because it features a dark environment composed by dark elements, illuminated only by a desk lamp. It almost has an police interrogatory atmosphere rather than a workspace.
Source: Dribbble

META Desk – 2017

Nikhil’s workspace is also really clean, and despite the other designers featured in this article, he works with a PC rather than Macs. His setup features two monitors an a custom made PC which features violet lights.
Source: Dribbble

Bonus Workspaces from 2016

Even if they were used in 2016, they still look really clean and usable also in 2017. That is the reason why we decided to include them as one of the Best Desk Setup of 2017.

Source: Dribbble

Source: Dribbble