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F — mdls - Website Design

F — mdls Website Design

F — mdls is a model agency founded in 2012. Adencys agency built their new website, following a minimalistic and clean style. Their website is extremely simple and direct. In fact, you will not find a lot of written texts, because images fill almost the entire screen. Because of its purpose, the website shows pictures of models for hire that were posing for real photo shootings.

The navigation bar features a minimalistic and clean look, also by using an unusual layout. On the left side, there are 5 huge links that allow users to navigate through the pages. On the right side there are small links that highlight their social media and a search bar.

The home page features only two sections. The first is a slide that shows Collections available for sale, and the second shows informations regarding the agency.

The Models page features a list of all their models, alphabetically filtered from A to Z. Also this layout is really interesting and unique. It features written black texts, a single model’s photo on the bottom left corner and a lot of white space.  By clicking on the “more” link in the central bottom part of the page, you can access to the model’s page.

From here, you can see more informations about the model, such as the biography, height and agencies. Also this page’s layout is intriguing, because it features a big image that cover 3/5 of the screen with a huge H1 title which defines the model’s name. All the other informations are listed on a single column below the title. On the very far right side of the page, there is another slide that allows users to scroll through other photos of the model.

Mobile Version

Adencys also created a strong responsive design, which works perfectly on mobile devices. As they showed in their mockups, all the texts and images fits perfectly also on smaller screens. In this way, they were able to keep a consistency and brand identity through the various platforms.
Agency: Adencys
Project source: Behance

Facebook Redesign - Cover

Facebook Redesign - by Roland Hidvegi

Facebook Redesign by Roland Hidvegi

Facebook is the second most used website and first social network in the world. It has shaped billions of lives, allowing people to stay connected with each other or to meet people you haven’t seen in ages. We have seen a lot of redesigns, but this one caught our attention for its minimalistic and clean look. Obviously, Facebook has a huge and strong team of Designers that works on dozens of projects, but it’s always interesting to see what other people can do to improve a product.

As Roland says –

In this Facebook Redesign I tried to modify some minor things to provide a more delightful experience to the users. The avatars changed to circles following the common pattern. I used the similar layout for the person and pages with a ratio based flexible grid system (2, 5, 3). Finally I used the fresh colours and updated the typefaces as well.

As Roland mentioned in his brief description, he worked on multiple UI elements to improve User Experience. He built a new set of icons which feature an outlined style rather than a filled one. In this way, he managed to make the content cleaner and lighter.
Regarding colors, Roland used bright tones, such as Green, Blue, Orange and Red to emphasize particular elements. He had a particular attention for the icons, transforming the current skeuomorphism-style set to a flat one. In this way, there is more consistency on the platform, also given by the grey-only set of icons in the left navigation bar.

The current Facebook design lacks of readability for the comment sections, because there aren’t real visual divisors between the author, comment and actions. Every element seems too cluttered, which makes the content difficult to analyze and read. Unfortunately, Roland didn’t try to resolve this issue. It could have been interesting to see his take on this situation.

In Conclusion

Roland did an awesome job  in redesigning Facebook. He improved a lot of elements and sections of the social network, but he covered only the surface of it. Again, it could have been interesting to see more UI elements and further studies of this redesign. For now, we can treat it as a successful visual improvement with some interesting UX suggestions.
Author: Roland Hidvegi
Project source: Behance

A New Dropbox Redesign - Paper Project

A New Dropbox

A New Dropbox Redesign

With more than 500 Million users, it is one of the best platforms to use to share files with other people. Since its launch, it grew a lot, and it now has a strong Design team that support its products.

As they say –

In today’s workplace, people spend 61% of their time managing work rather than doing it. […]
We want to bring that 61% as close to zero as possible. So we’re building products that make it easier to find the information you need, stay up to date on projects, and work more seamlessly as a team. And today, we have the first of those products and features ready for you.
In January 2017, Dropbox’s Design team announced four completely new Product. They refreshed the Home Page, the web application and  launched two new Products.

A New

The new Dropbox redesign starts with a strong and bold statement. They are reinventing how teamwork works. But how? By introducing two new products. The first is Dropbox Paper, which is a smarter way of building ideas and thinking around a concept. The second is Smart Sync, which is a way to organize and synchronize your files directly on your desk.
Following along the website, it now shows five strong features about their products and how you can benefit from them. Illustrations support every statement, featuring an unique outlined and shaky style.
Obviously, they also took their time to improve the mobile version which features all the elements displayed on a single column layout.

A New Dropbox Web App

Dropbox’s Web Application now features an extremely clean and minimalistic look. It is actually impressive to see a so clean design on a real and functioning product. It features a full screen – fluid layout divided in three columns layout. The first one contains the main navigation bar. The second contains your actual files. The third contains all the tools that you need to start using Dropbox.
It features AtlasGrotesk as the main and only one font, supported by soft colors, like light blue, light purple and grey tones.

Smart Sync

This new feature allows people to organize and choose which files will be downloaded on your computer or kept on the cloud. It is going to be extremely useful when it comes to manage your machine’s storage. In fact, every file that you store on your desktop presents an icon. If it’s a green checkmark, the file has been loaded on both the cloud and your computer. If it’s a cloud icon, it means that the file will be available only with internet connection, so it will not be stored on your machine and available offline. I can see a relation with the new Cloud sync feature introduced by Apple, which basically works in a similar way, but obviously with Apple’s Cloud.

Dropbox Paper

This new feature allows users to collaborate, share ideas and think about a project. It is a sort of a Google Docs, Invision’s Boards, a scheduling tool and obviously a sharing platform. In fact, with this tool you can write content, share images, videos and any other embeddable content. You can also write comments and start a conversation. You can even schedule and organize your team, like you will normally do on softwares like Trello, Asana or Wrike.
Regarding the Design, the tool features with a minimalistic and clean style. In fact, there aren’t shadows, colors or lines that divide the content. The only visual divisor is determined by the negative space and text hierarchy. It features a different look compared to the established Dropdown style. In fact, there aren’t any blue tone, but the real king is the grey. In order to make the content pop-out, the main body features grey tones. Only authors names present strong colors, such as violet, orange and blue.
Project Cover are a real change in their Design style. In fact, now every project will have a cover image which features a creative way of using geometric shapes and bright colors.

In Conclusion

Dropbox’s Design team improved a lot of UI elements, sections and pages with this Dropbox redesign, but the real game-changer are the new products. With Smart Sync and Dropbox Paper, you can now build board, sketch ideas, organize content, synch files on your desktop and obviously share them with other people, all from the same place. Could it be the final move to outdistance Google Drive from the race?

COS Website Cover

COS. Website Design - by M2H Agency

COS Website Design

M2H Agency is a Moscow based agency which is building its name in the Design Industry for its style. In fact, they love to build websites with fluid layouts, which is in complete contrast to the world’s most use Bootstrap framework. They also enrich products with lots of animations, transitions and micro-interactions.

One of their last project was COS Website, which is a fashion brand for women. It features a minimalistic style, followed by a clean look. The absence of content is a key part for this website. In fact, it could be extremely easy for anyone to place a couple fonts on a page, but the end result will be like every other website out there. That’s where M2H Agency excel. They worked with the layout, featuring medium-small fonts rotated by 90 degrees and large images. In this way, they were able to let users focus on the real content. Less important elements, like product names and descriptions, were strategically placed in the corners of the pages.

How they described the project

COS (Collection of Style) is a fashion brand for women and men who want modern, functional and considered design. COS fashion collections are the essence of Scandinavian minimalism when general style is more important then hype trends. Our task was not only to refute the character and philosophy of the brand but also to create the unforgettable look describing COS’s approach to creation of fashionable clothes. We have sticked to functional, simple and straightforward design with monochromatic colors which enlarges and repeats the COS approach to design of clothes.

In Conclusion

As they specified in their project description, they used products that feature the Scandinavian Minimalism. Colors played a very important role too. In fact, monochromatic and soft tones are dominating products and the website’s look.
But at the end, what really makes the website stand out are the photographies. Model’s expressions, clothes’ style, the minimalism of the environment and even the scenes showed in videos create an unique atmosphere, very similar to a sci-fi movie.
Agency: M2H Agency
Project Source: Behance

The New York Times Redesign-Cover

The New York Times Redesign

The New York Times Redesign - by Flatstudio

The New York Times is one of the most influential source of news on the Planet.

Henry Raymond and George Jones founded the journal in New York in 1851. They would have never expected to see it grow so fast. Characterized by its “ancient” look, it features Cheltenham for its headlines and Imperial for its body. The constant use of serif fonts allowed the company to build a solid brand, not only by making it recognizable, but also making it credible. In fact, Designers use serif fonts – and in some cases even sans serif – to establish credibility and even trust in the reader. This is also one of the main reasons why the majority of Political Newspapers topics use them.

Flatstudio is a Creative Agency based in Lisbon, Portugal.
In the past couple weeks, they posted a series of Shots about the newspaper redesign. After one month, they released the full project on Behance and their Website.
In their redesign, they featured multiple studies of the website, spacing from the Layout, UX and also Colors.

The outdated layout hides important sections of the website.

The New York Times is filled with content where a user can consume the information. The number of types of content delivered is increasing every day. That’s why we designed a few different blocks which can form the content.

General Pages

We identified several types of information layout for this project. The main page has a 5-column grid. The editorial articles have a full-width layout, big images, and also a special content. The multimedia projects form the content in full-screen view.

Color Palette & Font Styling

While prototyping and choosing both colors and fonts we relied on the old newspapers and their layout. We tried also to choose the newspaper-like colors. The main task that we set was a combination of multimedia features with the ability to use the space properly. In fact, the more information on a square pixel the better it is.
Choosing the font is very important and we didn’t want to change the already established elements of the website.
The set of blocks, which we designed, work well together. Highlighting information and relying primarily on the content forming, we managed to get a good look and ergonomic design.

In Conclusion

Flatstudio did an awesome job in The New York Times Redesign project. In fact, they improved not only the UI, bringing a more modern look, but also the User Experience. It could be indeed a great upgrade to their current website, moving away from their cluttered look and feel.
Agency: Flatstudio
Project Source: Link

Trello Redesign - Featured Image

Trello Redesign by Netguru

Trello Redesign - by Netguru

Trello. We love it. We hate it.

If you are a Designer, you must have tried it at least once in your entire life. In fact, Trello is one of the most popular tools for sharing and managing projects.

Lately, it has been on the front page of all the major newspapers thank to its new “dad”. Yes, Trello is joining a new family, more specifically Atlassian’s family.
The recent acquisition by Atlassian for 425 Millions shaked the Design community. Similarly to what Instagram’s new logo caused, we now have responses. A lot of Designers and Influencers spoke about this change and about Trello’s future, but what really caught our attention was Netguru’s Trello redesign.

Netguru’s Motivation

We love Trello at Netguru. Atlassian’s recent acquisition of Trello motivated us to have a shot at redesigning Trello’s visual identity. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do – make Trello a little bit slicker. We are well aware that a comprehensive redesign would consists on a host of different factors: business objectives, user needs defined as a result of data analysis, and so on. We were not aiming at a total overhaul of Trello – we focused exclusively on Trello’s visual experience, bearing in mind all the limitations of such approach.

As they specified, their Trello’s redesign is focusing on the UI and Aesthetic side rather than the UX.
Nonetheless, as we already said in the 10 Best Website & Web Design of December, Netguru is an extremely talented agency based in Poland, and we couldn’t expect anything less than that from them.

Both the actual Design and the presentation are spectacular, featuring a minimalistic and super-clean look. White is the dominant color, followed by Blue, Yellow and Red for all the other UI elements.

Netguru’s redesign spaces from Colors, Icons and screes. Some of them includes Boards, Calendar, Summary, Pop-ups and Login forms.

Agency: Netguru
Project Source: Behance

CLoQK - Best Website Inspiration - December 2016

Best Website & Web Design of December

Best Website Inspiration - December 2016

Best Website – December 2016 is a collection of all the best website inspiration and also Web Designs produced in December 2016.

In the last month of 2016, a lot of Freelancers, Independent Designers and also Agencies built awesome Websites and Web Concepts.
Let’s get inspired and create even more creative and unique Designs!

PayPal – Concept Redesign – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

Since the beginning, my preferred payment gateway has been PayPal.
I always thought about its web and mobile experience, and how much better it could be. I experimented with a redesign across all mediums, focusing on coming up with a consistent and branded experience, while also improving the messaging, overall character and also making it more human-centric, approachable and personal.
Disclaimer: A quick note on the typography. PayPal uses a custom font, which I have no right of using, therefore I had to substitute it with an alternative. All work presented is purely conceptual and not affiliated with the company.
Designer: Filippos Protogeridis
Behance Project: View Project

Netguru Redesign (Live!) – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

Netguru’s new website with the company’s new corporate identity. Do you Like the new CI?
Netguru has been one of the fastest growing Agency of 2016. They even received multiple awards by Deloitte as one of the best and even fastest growing agencies of 2015 and 2016. Their new identity and website is the proof that they know how to build a website while caring about users and also their clients. In conclusion, Netguru has proven its skills and values, being able to produce outstanding, unique and mind-blowing Designs.

CLoQK – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

Cloqk is a modern and exclusive watch retail concept. Kamilla Lee is the founder and consequently the creator of the company. As a result of its quality, It is one of the Russian premier luxury watch company. Especially curated to cater to the younger generation of watch aficionados in Russia, Cloqk features a collection that includes some of the best luxury watch brands in the world including Instrmnt, Zenith, Creme and Baume & Mercier, amongst others.
Because of its uniqueness and creativity, CLoQK is indeed one of the Best Website – December 2016. It features a minimalistic style followed by an outstanding use of Photography. As a result of that, their new brand represent the uniqueness and cleanliness of their products.
Designers: Alexander ShmelevAnia Shmeleva
Behance Project: View Project

Rendered — Responsive Demo Website for Adobe – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

I am happy to share new work for Adobe. Rendered represents a fictitious digital arts exhibition. Adobe commissioned the design, the branding and also the website to showcase features of the new Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver from the recently released CC 2016.
Images by: Ari Weinkle, Anja Mewes, Ana Gomez Bernaus, Črtomir Just, Alex Diaconu, R4dn Studio, David McLeod.
Serge Vasil is a great Designer. He has proven to be able to create unique and creative designs. Because of that, Serge was commissioned by Adobe for the fifth time to build one of their products. Due to the incredible Photography, Layout and richness of colors used, he was able to create one of the best identities for one of the most creative company in the world.
Designer: Serge Vasil
Behance Project: View Project

Listener’s Playlist – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

This project started on facebook as a group called ‘Listeners Playlist where my friends shared their favorite music with one another. This inspired me to create an independent website with an archive with all the music that is shared in the group.
This Listener’s UI stand out among others thank to its clean and modern look. Due to the excellent use of colors and also great use of typography, we decided to consider it as one of the best of this month. In addition, one of the included features is the Siri waves effect. The Agency used Siri’s modern look and animation to represent a Song being played.
Designer: Anzi
Behance Project: View Project

Zero Branding and Website – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

Zero is a mobile banking experience powered by the Zero app and Zerocard, a card that acts like a debit card and earns credit card rewards. They approached UENO to build their brand & digital touchpoints from the ground up.
Without any doubt, Zero Branding is one of the brightest form of Design of December 2016. UENO is one of the strongest player in the Design field, with offices in New York City, San Francisco and even Reykjavik. Zero Website features a minimalistic Design, followed by a clean look and also a great use of Photographies.
But what really impressed us was UENO’s strength with animations, being able to create a great presentation and, as a result, making Zero one of the most remarkable service of the year.
Agency: UENO
Behance Project: View Project

Edité by K. F. Richer – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

Edité by K. F. Richer, Gallery Hall Curated art exhibitions gallery. Launching in 2017. Art Direction, Design. 2016
This website Design stand out among others thank to its typography and layout. The interweaving of pictures and texts creates a dynamic layout and also richness of details, as only Art can do.
Designer: Alexey Masalov
Behance Project: View Project

E N I K O – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

ENIKO is an online eyewear retail specializing in optics and sunglasses specifically for men and women. It submitted more than 30 brands in various price categories. This online shop stand out from others for its brand and also uniqueness. The Home Page is almost a time travel to the HTML-only Era, but with better photos, typography and obviously computers.
Designer: Diana Polar
Behance Project: View Project

BBC RADIO Website – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

BBC Radio Website is only a Concept. After a long preparation period, I’ve took about few month to create youth oriented and also a particularly clean identity website design. Discarding all unnecessary, the site has gained a clean look, fully responsive and represents also a well-thought-out modern UI and UX. With this final piece, we wanted to valorize an outstanding use of photographies which match perfectly the clean and minimalistic style of the website. It features both the light and dark sides, with black navigation screens and light grey content areas.
Designers: Alex YurkovVadim Omelchenko
Behance Project: View Project

Honorary Mention – Nintendo Classics (Concept) – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

The main idea of this project is to create a new digital experience for Nintendo, using today´s technologies. Nintendo Classic is a throwback to the past, a journey into the history of NES, Game Boy and also Super Nintendo. Get to know all the classic characters with an option to transform your Smart TV into a classic gaming console, enjoying the new Nintendo experience on all your devices.
This is only a concept. Therefore, all images included in the design belong to their owners.
Designer: Juan C. Fresno
Behance Project: View Project