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10 Best UI UX Design of February 2017

10 Best UI UX Design of February 2017

February has been a great month for UI and UX Designs. A lot of Agencies, Freelancers and also Independent Designers built incredible products.
In this article, we are going to list 10 best UI UX Design of January 2017.

POC UI Dashboard, Calendar Project – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Here’s again Eric’s project. This time, he created an outstanding dashboard which includes a calendar. As he specified, this is only a visual exploration of a real product that he and his team are working on. Although, this first result is extremely impressive. The overall dashboard features a mix of a dark and light themes. For the main datas, like the calendar and the tasks assigned to each day, they chose a white and clean theme. Instead, for the lateral navigation bar, top search bar and two infographics that compose the dashboard, they chose a dark theme. Regarding the colors, the calendar features soft green, violet, blue and orange tones, which becomes more saturated in the dashboard.

Eric also included a second screen which features the same exact style and elements, with the only difference inside the dashboard. This time, instead of two infographics, there is a map that highlight a path. Also in this screen, the path colors are extremely saturated, featuring a red to blue shade.

Designer: Eric Hoffman

WIP – Find top class Sport Instructors or Gyms nearby – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Yury is a talented designer that works at Awesomed. In this Dribbble Shot, he featured a work in progress of a Gym website, which allows people to find and hire only the best Sport instructors. This page is extremely clean and simple. In fact it features white as the main color. But because a simple white page would have been too boring, Yury and his team decided to make it pop and stand out from the competitors with violet and blue watercolors behind the main search bar. This is an outstanding idea, not only because it gives a unique look, but also because it share the energy of the instructors. The main content of the page is composed by white cards elevated with a light shadow. In order to make the design more vibrant and colorful, he included various icons inside each card.

Designer: Yury Smirnov

Aston Martin UI exploration for iOS app by Gleb – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Gleb is one of the most talented person on Dribbble. He inspires everyone every time that he posts on the platform. The main reason is because his designs aren’t obviously trivial, and every single part is carefully crafted. In this specific shot, he featured two screens of an Aston Martin UI concept. The first screen feature a profile photo with the car owner’s name. Below, we can find a photo album and two icons that allow people to call and chat. The bottom part of the screen features a set of cards which represent the Stories.

The second screen instead represent the lateral menu, which makes me think about some cool possible transitions, based on the elements kept on the screen and how they could transform. The overall design feature two key characteristics of Gleb’s design: Dark theme and mix of flat and 3D elements.

Designer: Gleb Kuznetsov

Dashboard Food Provider – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Bagus created an outstanding dashboard for a food provider. The overall design features a clean and minimalistic look, where grey is the main background color. Because the dashboard represents the food industry, it features orange and red tones for the main infographics, and blue for the links and call to actions. The overall design is well thought, and all the elements has a specific hierarchy. In fact, the left side features the amount of completed orders. On the other side, there are various charts that shows the pending orders, statistics and even a people’s ranking based on amount of orders.

Designer: Bagus Fikri

Customer Support and Orders History Screens [Dark Version] – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

In this shot, Alexander created an extremely clean and minimalistic app design. This set features two screens related to the Help and support section. It is really rare to see some designs that feature these particular parts of a product, because they are generally threatened as secondary pages with no value. But here is where Alexander stand out and shows all of his UX skills. In fact, if a company shows so many details, and most importantly, they took their time to design an awesome support screen, it means that the firm actually cares about its users, and they would love to help them to achieve their objectives. So, this is not only a great example of UI Design, but also UX.

Designer: Alexander Zaytsev

Whym – App Views – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Whym is a new product under Netguru’s development which allows people to bring a real, human interpreter anywhere they go. Netguru is an extraordinary agency which is making his name in the Design industry thanks to its clean and minimalistic style, making every product unique also by using rich icons and illustrations. In this set of app screens published by Luke, they included over 15 screens, which is only a tiny part of the whole project. We can see various pop-ups, menus and sections of the app. The overall design features a clean white look, with green and red tones for call to actions and to enrich the icons and illustrations. Because Netguru carefully think about its clients but also to its presentations, they built a Behance case study and wrote an article where they interviewed Whym’s CEO, featuring the most memorable moments while building the application.

Designer: Luke Pachytel

Experimental music player – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

This is indeed one of the coolest form of UI and UX Design of this month. Nikita built an incredible animation of a possible futuristic music player. The interface features a dark theme, with a dark blue background. But the real eye-catchy part is indeed the center, where he featured various elements that transit from one to another. As he explained in his project description, this concept tries to use artificial intelligence to draw items, animals and scenes on the screen, based on the music played.

It sounds indeed as a step into the future, and it looks extremely cool. On the UI design perspective, it is genius, but under the UX, it’s the opposite. This specific case could be a lot controverse depending by the way you look at it. If you think about the “wow” effect, it could indeed bring in so many music listeners and easily become a top hit in the music industry. But after that first impression, and specially when you think about how users interact with their phones while listening to music, you start to realize that people don’t stare all the time at their music player. Instead, they hit the play button and start running, browsing the internet, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

So at the end, this is an extremely valuable concept, but I don’t see it as a real game changer on a phone. Maybe a desktop/large screen version could be even more impactful, and it could be a great addition for live-events.

Designer: Nikita Duhovny

Travel App Animation – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

In this animation concept, Prakash created multiple steps that allow users to book a flight. In this shot, he featured five screens. The very first one represent the starting point, where you can see your latest flights. The second screen represents the search option, where a user is going to type the location where he is looking to reach. After the location, you access to a new screen where you have to decide the departure date and the return date. In the forth screen, a dropdown appears from the bottom where you are going to specify how many passengers there will be. The very last screen features the final result, showing all your already booked flights, including prices, airline company and dates. The overall design features a dark and clean theme, with orange call to actions and blue and yellow for smaller elements.

Designer: Prakash Ghodke

Aston Martin iOS product design for am37 speed boat – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Gleb made his appearance for the second time in this Top 10. This time, its design is not a static screen, but an animations. The small interaction features a loading screen for an Aston Martin app concept. The screen opens with the car’s company logo which fade away and get replaced by a blue line that move from the bottom of the screen to the middle. When it reaches this position, it magically transform into a luminous blue spiral. At the center of this geometrical form, there is a bright spot, which could represent a car’s light. Below it, a text appears that asks to the user to attach his fingerprint to the device.

Designer: Gleb Kuznetsov

Private Lessons App – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

In this last shot of the article, we featured Michael’s work in progress. This is a really promising platform that allows people to hire private teachers for private lessons. In this first look, he included three screens. Two of them present the same login content but with different colors and pictures. The third screen is the most interesting and rich of elements, because it represents the main screen where the action is going to take place. The interface features an extremely clean and simple design, with lots of white and light grey tones. As a section separator, the designer chose to use outlines instead of shadows. The overall dashboard is well balanced, and the soft colors help users to relax and focus on the real tasks.

Designer: Michael Korwin

10 Best UI UX Design of January 2017 - Braun

10 Best UI UX Design of January 2017

10 Best UI UX Design of January 2017

January has been a great month for UI-UX Designs. A lot of Agencies, Freelancers and also Independent Designers built incredible products.
In this article, we are going to list 10 best UI UX Design of January 2017.

Moximo. Recruiting app.

Art Lemon’s team built an incredible application to look for jobs. It features more than 500 UI elements, a clean interface and even incredible illustrations. The main colors used are green and orange. In their presentation, they featured all the steps that brought to the creation of the app, including the UX and final UI.

Lonely Planet HP – Marquee exploration

In this quick shot, Claudio showed some new animations introduced to the Lonely Planet website. They featured a very interesting opening screen, with a zoom-out on the photo and a quick appearance of the main elements. But the most interesting element that makes the animation pop even more is the presence of the lenses’ light particles, giving even more depth to the overall composition.
Designer: Claudio Guglieri
Source: Dribbble

Braun site exploration

Eddie created a concept for a possible Braun redesign, featuring a clean and simple design, but never trivial. In fact, he took a particular attention to the button’s shapes and the typography.
Designer: Eddie Lobanovskiy
Source: Dribbble

InVision’s 2016 Year in Review

InVision is one of the most loved tool by Designers, and in order to celebrate their success, they built a website that contains all their achievements from the past year. It features a clean UI supported by eye-catching colors and soft animations.

A new

In January, Dropbox reinvented the way people collaborate with each other. They released a completely new Home page and two new products. You can read more about their new products in this article.


KREATIVA Studio produced an incredible design of a platform that allows people to discover and explore new places. It features a clean and minimalistic design, with some really interesting details, such as the big red circle placed in the top left corner.
Agency: KREATIVA Studio
Source: Dribbble

Dashboard Engie

AgenceMe shared a small part of a much larger project made for Engie. This small shot features everything a Designer would like to see: A great use of typography, colors and visuals.
Agency: AgenceMe
Source: Dribbble

IoT navigation for smart home product interaction

Fantasy is an incredible agency that has worked for some of the major brands in the world. Gleb is part of the team, and he always delight Dribbble’s users with incredible interactions. In this case, he showed an interaction for a smart home product, supported by two incredible transitions.
Designer: Gleb Kuznetsov
Source: Dribbble


In this UI design, Fabio shared two screens of an iOS mobile application. It features a clean minimal UI, with both the light and dark side. The second one is the most unique, thank to the wired illustration that covers the entire bottom right part of the screen. It is indeed a good touch to make the screen pop and to fill a possible gap.
Designer: Fabio Basile
Source: Dribbble


Last but not least, we have an incredible design built by Fireart Studio. They featured one of the most “battered” sections of a website, the Pricing section. Generally, it is composed by a couple cards that features the prices and features. In this case, they created a very creative design by adding unique illustrations.
Agency: Fireart Studio
Source: Dribbble

Behance redesign - Cover

Behance Redesign by Norah Park

Behance Redesign

Before the “flat” design revolution started by Apple, online portfolios weren’t so important and curated. In fact, the majority of creatives showed PDFs with their work, and only a few of them owned a website. In the last few years, portfolio’s websites literally exploded. Some of the best platforms available for designers and artists are Behance, Dribbble and DeviantArt. Each one of them solve a specific problem for a specific type of creative person.
In this case, we are going to dig into Behance, which is the eclectic leading platform for creative people.


The platform features a website and a mobile application, but what’s really missing is a desktop application. That’s what Norah Park thought. She built a desktop app concept of Behance, which could be a tremendous help for all of those people that browse it every day, looking for the right inspiration. The most unusual design elements are colors. There is the “Behance’s blue” tone, but the real change is the dark color scheme. In fact, behance features a light interface, opposed to this Behance redesign.

The App features a lateral expandable navigation bar, which contains all the most important links for browsing through categories, analytics, account management and personal profile. In the top bar, there is a a big search bar that covers the whole central area. On the top right corner, there are four important items: your profile’s photo, share option, notifications and message icons.
Obviously, as it should be, the content is the king in this situation. Because Behance is a platform built around photos and visual assets, the entire application is filled with projects. The “Discover” section features three navigation display options.
Regarding the UX, Norah placed the “Activity Feed” as a vertical bar in the very far right part of the application. She also shared an interesting interaction that shows longer comments.

Dashboard and Job Search

My Profile & Statistics screens feature a minimalistic and creative design. In the Dashboard, the real king is the chart, which cover the entire width of the app.
Another interesting screen is the Job & Creative search, where Norah featured a split screen. On the left she featured a list of creatives, and on the right she featured a map that shows all the creatives present in the selected area. The map addition is a really neat feature that could be added to the real Behance platform, giving a better feel to the research and to identify where people are located.

In conclusion

This Behance redesign is a brilliant example of a possible new product added to the Adobe family. It will indeed help creatives to find inspirations and maybe with some off-line features could be a game changer.
Designer: Norah Park
Source: Behance

Facebook Redesign - Cover

Facebook Redesign - by Roland Hidvegi

Facebook Redesign by Roland Hidvegi

Facebook is the second most used website and first social network in the world. It has shaped billions of lives, allowing people to stay connected with each other or to meet people you haven’t seen in ages. We have seen a lot of redesigns, but this one caught our attention for its minimalistic and clean look. Obviously, Facebook has a huge and strong team of Designers that works on dozens of projects, but it’s always interesting to see what other people can do to improve a product.

As Roland says –

In this Facebook Redesign I tried to modify some minor things to provide a more delightful experience to the users. The avatars changed to circles following the common pattern. I used the similar layout for the person and pages with a ratio based flexible grid system (2, 5, 3). Finally I used the fresh colours and updated the typefaces as well.

As Roland mentioned in his brief description, he worked on multiple UI elements to improve User Experience. He built a new set of icons which feature an outlined style rather than a filled one. In this way, he managed to make the content cleaner and lighter.
Regarding colors, Roland used bright tones, such as Green, Blue, Orange and Red to emphasize particular elements. He had a particular attention for the icons, transforming the current skeuomorphism-style set to a flat one. In this way, there is more consistency on the platform, also given by the grey-only set of icons in the left navigation bar.

The current Facebook design lacks of readability for the comment sections, because there aren’t real visual divisors between the author, comment and actions. Every element seems too cluttered, which makes the content difficult to analyze and read. Unfortunately, Roland didn’t try to resolve this issue. It could have been interesting to see his take on this situation.

In Conclusion

Roland did an awesome job  in redesigning Facebook. He improved a lot of elements and sections of the social network, but he covered only the surface of it. Again, it could have been interesting to see more UI elements and further studies of this redesign. For now, we can treat it as a successful visual improvement with some interesting UX suggestions.
Author: Roland Hidvegi
Project source: Behance

A New Dropbox Redesign - Paper Project

A New Dropbox

A New Dropbox Redesign

With more than 500 Million users, it is one of the best platforms to use to share files with other people. Since its launch, it grew a lot, and it now has a strong Design team that support its products.

As they say –

In today’s workplace, people spend 61% of their time managing work rather than doing it. […]
We want to bring that 61% as close to zero as possible. So we’re building products that make it easier to find the information you need, stay up to date on projects, and work more seamlessly as a team. And today, we have the first of those products and features ready for you.
In January 2017, Dropbox’s Design team announced four completely new Product. They refreshed the Home Page, the web application and  launched two new Products.

A New

The new Dropbox redesign starts with a strong and bold statement. They are reinventing how teamwork works. But how? By introducing two new products. The first is Dropbox Paper, which is a smarter way of building ideas and thinking around a concept. The second is Smart Sync, which is a way to organize and synchronize your files directly on your desk.
Following along the website, it now shows five strong features about their products and how you can benefit from them. Illustrations support every statement, featuring an unique outlined and shaky style.
Obviously, they also took their time to improve the mobile version which features all the elements displayed on a single column layout.

A New Dropbox Web App

Dropbox’s Web Application now features an extremely clean and minimalistic look. It is actually impressive to see a so clean design on a real and functioning product. It features a full screen – fluid layout divided in three columns layout. The first one contains the main navigation bar. The second contains your actual files. The third contains all the tools that you need to start using Dropbox.
It features AtlasGrotesk as the main and only one font, supported by soft colors, like light blue, light purple and grey tones.

Smart Sync

This new feature allows people to organize and choose which files will be downloaded on your computer or kept on the cloud. It is going to be extremely useful when it comes to manage your machine’s storage. In fact, every file that you store on your desktop presents an icon. If it’s a green checkmark, the file has been loaded on both the cloud and your computer. If it’s a cloud icon, it means that the file will be available only with internet connection, so it will not be stored on your machine and available offline. I can see a relation with the new Cloud sync feature introduced by Apple, which basically works in a similar way, but obviously with Apple’s Cloud.

Dropbox Paper

This new feature allows users to collaborate, share ideas and think about a project. It is a sort of a Google Docs, Invision’s Boards, a scheduling tool and obviously a sharing platform. In fact, with this tool you can write content, share images, videos and any other embeddable content. You can also write comments and start a conversation. You can even schedule and organize your team, like you will normally do on softwares like Trello, Asana or Wrike.
Regarding the Design, the tool features with a minimalistic and clean style. In fact, there aren’t shadows, colors or lines that divide the content. The only visual divisor is determined by the negative space and text hierarchy. It features a different look compared to the established Dropdown style. In fact, there aren’t any blue tone, but the real king is the grey. In order to make the content pop-out, the main body features grey tones. Only authors names present strong colors, such as violet, orange and blue.
Project Cover are a real change in their Design style. In fact, now every project will have a cover image which features a creative way of using geometric shapes and bright colors.

In Conclusion

Dropbox’s Design team improved a lot of UI elements, sections and pages with this Dropbox redesign, but the real game-changer are the new products. With Smart Sync and Dropbox Paper, you can now build board, sketch ideas, organize content, synch files on your desktop and obviously share them with other people, all from the same place. Could it be the final move to outdistance Google Drive from the race?

Article Cards Alternate - Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

Best Mobile UI UX Design Inspiration of December

Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016 is a collection of some of the best UI and also UX Design.

This month, a lot of agencies, freelancers and also independent designers produced a lot of quality content. They pushed boundaries while building incredible UI and UX solutions and experiences for users. Almost all of these UI UX Designs are only concepts, but because creators worked without any limitation, they were able to build quality content and push their creativity to the maximum level.
Let’s get inspired!

Home Kit App Concept & Prototype – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

Home Kit is a concept of an application that allows people to manage their home. The application features a clean and minimalistic look, with also a great use of photographies. This prototype stand out among others for its UX. The clean look makes the app simpler and even easier to use than other competitors on the market. While other peers may have used a material design or even more conservative style, Jaewoong worked with iconography and slides to build the navigation. As a result, users are able to reach a specific setting in just a few taps.
Designer: Jaewoong You

Design Blog (Mobile) Sneak Peek – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

This Design Blog concept is made specifically for mobile devices. By using all the best practices, it allows users to read articles and even discover new content.
This concept is divided in three main screens. The first screen features a big featured image, a headline right underneath and even more content included inside compressed tabs. Even if this UX solution doesn’t allow users to instantly read content, it allows them to discover all the possible categories available, and consequently to choose only their favorites. Thank to the use of negative space, the second screen features a big headline that “visually” cover the entire first half of the device, consequently giving importance to the title. The bottom part of the screen is covered by four squares, with alternated images and soft-toned colored boxes containing article’s titles and dates. The last screen features an opened article which features an interesting slide containing pictures. While other blogs show images piled on top of each other, this gallery style represents a smart way to show multiple images. Because of that, the structure doesn’t force users to scroll by the pictures to continue to read the content.
Designer: Matteo Pasuto

To-Do App – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

One of the most used type of mobile applications on the planet are To-Do Apps. A lot of people write tasks and grocery lists. Why? Because people prefer phones rather than post-it. The cleanliness of the User Interface caught our attention. Soft tones combined with a great font made the interface extremely clean and intuitive. Also, the navigation is as basic as it can be, positioned at the bottom of the screen. Obviously, the application contains a lot of complex interfaces, such as the editing task screen. From here, users are able to add a lot of informations and details about a task. If that concept will ever be built, it could be indeed one of the brightest ways to track your tasks through your phone.
Designer: Martin Strba

Article Cards Alternate – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

Another great Blog UI UX Design that has been included in the Mobile UI UX Collection of December. This Design is extremely beautiful but also extremely simple. You can actually count only 5 elements per widget, which are the Photo, Title, Description, divisor icon and a small caption. Who says that this interface is so simple that anyone could do it, is probably lying. To build a great yet simple card needs superb skills to balance all the elements, in addition to the ability to choose the right font, icon and photo.
Designer: Oliur

Make Steak Application – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

We have analyzed the most important aspects of cooking and chose only necessary functions. Big list of various recipes, smart timer, ability to order right from the app, social part, discount program, learning opportunity. All of those things in one app – MAKE STEAK. This mobile application has an interesting job. While other peers allow users to choose and see recipes that can be used to cook (obviously) steaks, this application allows people to even get discounts and learning opportunities. Despite the modern look and feel, the app is able to convey the purpose of the app with a few elements. Red tones, great iconography and even a curated set of illustrations are leading the entire look and feel of the app.
Designer: Aleksey Stiks

Hello Dribbble – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

This is my first shot on dribbble. Hope you like it.
I am so happy to be here, I waited this moment for a long time… “
We all have been there. Finally someone sent you a Dribbble Invite. You are finally able to publish your awesome yet undiscovered designs on one of the major UI UX platforms in the world. It really is a joy to be able to publish your work on Dribbble, and for that reason you have to carefully choose only your best shots, and “Hello Dribbble” by Huang is one of them.
Designer: Huang

Gift Card Mweb Version 1.0 – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

We find this App Design extremely interesting, because it looks and feel like an app, but on the other side it looks like a mobile version of a website. In the first screen, you can actually see a browser’s domain search box. Nevertheless, the combination of background illustrations with the main card’s content makes it one of the most brilliant UI UX designs of this month.
Agency: Headout Inc.
Designer: Ranjith Alingal

Car control mobile app – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

In the card industry, UI UX Design is still years behind web and mobile technology and trends. Only Tesla seems to be able to keep up its UI UX game with a modern look, which is exactly what the company wants to show. Is that design a good step forward for its industry? Absolutely yes. The design features a dark Material Design UI with a clear horizontal card navigation. On every card, you can control their various statistics, variables and informations about their cars. You can even set your wheels’ pressure and LED Lights color (which is probably illegal). Is that the future of UI UX design in the car industry?
Agency: Awesomed

PingBing – Best Mobile UI UX Design of December 2016

PingBing is a chat mobile application that allows people to “ping” and “chat” with friends or even total strangers that are nearby your position. Despite the other chat applications, with PingBing you are not allowed to send common written messages, but instead you can only send vocal messages. The application features a clean and modern UI, enriched by a circular and roundish style, but the UX is the real king here. To navigate through your chats, you have to spin a wheel that shows your friend’s pictures and their physical distance. Could that be a step towards a less-cold, only written form of communication?
Designer: Any Harutyunyan

Blogant UI Kit

Free UI Kit for Blogs - Blogant by MDCTheme

Download Blogant - Free UI Kit for Blogs (Freebie) - Available for Photoshop

You can Download Blogant Free UI Kit (Freebie) on Gumroad.

Blogant is a UI Kit for Blogs and Magazines. Because of its simplicity, it is one of the best UI Kit for Blogs on the market. It is an awesome start to create Blogs pages, Articles or Magazines. In addition to the 12 categories and 80 UI Screens which compose Blogant UI Kit, there is also 1 pre-made page.


First of all, Blogant has 80 UI Elements. Because of its purpose, the kit spaces from Article Thumbnails, Articles pages and Author Widgets. In addition to the main set of elements, you can also download 2 pre-made pages. This pre-made page is the Article Page.

Specifications for the Free Version

  • Pre-made Article Page.
  • PSD File format.
While on the other side, let’s also see the characteristics of the Full Version

Specifications for the Full Version

  • 80 UI Screens;
  • 12 Categories;
  • 1 Pre-made Home Page;
  • 1 Pre-made Article Page;
  • Kit available for Photoshop;
  • Built with a 12 column grid (1148px width);


  • Column Thumbnail;
  • Squared Thumbnail;
  • Full-Width Thumbnail;
  • Split Thumbnail;
  • List Thumbnail;
  • Scrollable Thumbnail;
  • Wide Author Widget;
  • Squared Author Widget;
  • Column Author Widget;
  • Charts Widget;
  • Share Widget;
  • General Widget;
  • Article and Comments;
  • Full-Width Banner;
  • Nav Bar & Footer;

Google Fonts used:

  • Lusitana;
  • Lato;

In conclusion, you can download the Free UI Kit Sample Here or if you like it as much as I do, you can consider to purchase the Full Version for only 12$

Note: All the photos and pictures used are for presentation purpose only, consequently they are NOT included in the Kit. provided all the Photos.