Best Website Inspiration - December 2016

Best Website – December 2016 is a collection of all the best website inspiration and also Web Designs produced in December 2016.

In the last month of 2016, a lot of Freelancers, Independent Designers and also Agencies built awesome Websites and Web Concepts.
Let’s get inspired and create even more creative and unique Designs!

PayPal – Concept Redesign – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

Since the beginning, my preferred payment gateway has been PayPal.
I always thought about its web and mobile experience, and how much better it could be. I experimented with a redesign across all mediums, focusing on coming up with a consistent and branded experience, while also improving the messaging, overall character and also making it more human-centric, approachable and personal.
Disclaimer: A quick note on the typography. PayPal uses a custom font, which I have no right of using, therefore I had to substitute it with an alternative. All work presented is purely conceptual and not affiliated with the company.
Designer: Filippos Protogeridis
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Netguru Redesign (Live!) – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

Netguru’s new website with the company’s new corporate identity. Do you Like the new CI?
Netguru has been one of the fastest growing Agency of 2016. They even received multiple awards by Deloitte as one of the best and even fastest growing agencies of 2015 and 2016. Their new identity and website is the proof that they know how to build a website while caring about users and also their clients. In conclusion, Netguru has proven its skills and values, being able to produce outstanding, unique and mind-blowing Designs.

CLoQK – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

Cloqk is a modern and exclusive watch retail concept. Kamilla Lee is the founder and consequently the creator of the company. As a result of its quality, It is one of the Russian premier luxury watch company. Especially curated to cater to the younger generation of watch aficionados in Russia, Cloqk features a collection that includes some of the best luxury watch brands in the world including Instrmnt, Zenith, Creme and Baume & Mercier, amongst others.
Because of its uniqueness and creativity, CLoQK is indeed one of the Best Website – December 2016. It features a minimalistic style followed by an outstanding use of Photography. As a result of that, their new brand represent the uniqueness and cleanliness of their products.
Designers: Alexander ShmelevAnia Shmeleva
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Rendered — Responsive Demo Website for Adobe – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

I am happy to share new work for Adobe. Rendered represents a fictitious digital arts exhibition. Adobe commissioned the design, the branding and also the website to showcase features of the new Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver from the recently released CC 2016.
Images by: Ari Weinkle, Anja Mewes, Ana Gomez Bernaus, Črtomir Just, Alex Diaconu, R4dn Studio, David McLeod.
Serge Vasil is a great Designer. He has proven to be able to create unique and creative designs. Because of that, Serge was commissioned by Adobe for the fifth time to build one of their products. Due to the incredible Photography, Layout and richness of colors used, he was able to create one of the best identities for one of the most creative company in the world.
Designer: Serge Vasil
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Listener’s Playlist – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

This project started on facebook as a group called ‘Listeners Playlist where my friends shared their favorite music with one another. This inspired me to create an independent website with an archive with all the music that is shared in the group.
This Listener’s UI stand out among others thank to its clean and modern look. Due to the excellent use of colors and also great use of typography, we decided to consider it as one of the best of this month. In addition, one of the included features is the Siri waves effect. The Agency used Siri’s modern look and animation to represent a Song being played.
Designer: Anzi
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Zero Branding and Website – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

Zero is a mobile banking experience powered by the Zero app and Zerocard, a card that acts like a debit card and earns credit card rewards. They approached UENO to build their brand & digital touchpoints from the ground up.
Without any doubt, Zero Branding is one of the brightest form of Design of December 2016. UENO is one of the strongest player in the Design field, with offices in New York City, San Francisco and even Reykjavik. Zero Website features a minimalistic Design, followed by a clean look and also a great use of Photographies.
But what really impressed us was UENO’s strength with animations, being able to create a great presentation and, as a result, making Zero one of the most remarkable service of the year.
Agency: UENO
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Edité by K. F. Richer – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

Edité by K. F. Richer, Gallery Hall Curated art exhibitions gallery. Launching in 2017. Art Direction, Design. 2016
This website Design stand out among others thank to its typography and layout. The interweaving of pictures and texts creates a dynamic layout and also richness of details, as only Art can do.
Designer: Alexey Masalov
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E N I K O – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

ENIKO is an online eyewear retail specializing in optics and sunglasses specifically for men and women. It submitted more than 30 brands in various price categories. This online shop stand out from others for its brand and also uniqueness. The Home Page is almost a time travel to the HTML-only Era, but with better photos, typography and obviously computers.
Designer: Diana Polar
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BBC RADIO Website – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

BBC Radio Website is only a Concept. After a long preparation period, I’ve took about few month to create youth oriented and also a particularly clean identity website design. Discarding all unnecessary, the site has gained a clean look, fully responsive and represents also a well-thought-out modern UI and UX. With this final piece, we wanted to valorize an outstanding use of photographies which match perfectly the clean and minimalistic style of the website. It features both the light and dark sides, with black navigation screens and light grey content areas.
Designers: Alex YurkovVadim Omelchenko
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Honorary Mention – Nintendo Classics (Concept) – Best Website Inspiration – December 2016

The main idea of this project is to create a new digital experience for Nintendo, using today´s technologies. Nintendo Classic is a throwback to the past, a journey into the history of NES, Game Boy and also Super Nintendo. Get to know all the classic characters with an option to transform your Smart TV into a classic gaming console, enjoying the new Nintendo experience on all your devices.
This is only a concept. Therefore, all images included in the design belong to their owners.
Designer: Juan C. Fresno
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