10 Best Website & Web Design of January 2017

Best Website Inspiration of January 2017 is a collection of all the best website inspiration and also Web Designs of January 2017.

In the first month of 2017, a lot of Freelancers, Independent Designers and also Agencies built awesome Websites.
Let’s take a look at all the creations!

Figtco Website

P.Motion agency built Figtco website, which is a Premium merchants of oil, gas and buildings in Kuwait. This website features a particularly creative look thank to the shapes used. In fact, they remember the fluidity of oil, and there is even a drop. As they mentioned, they used black and gold as the main colors to represent the oil’s color, but also because it is the “black gold”.
Agency: P.Motion
Designer: Denis Levchenko
Source: Behance

MARS – Landing Page

Minh Pham built an incredible landing page, rich of colorful illustrations and that tells a story. In fact, every section is connected to each other through various design elements. Thank also to the subtle animations, the design pop even more.
Designer: Minh Pham
Source: Behance

Red.One Website

Red One is a Design and marketing consultancy, which creates unique experiences for users. In their website, they wanted to show all of their creativity by approaching a minimalistic design but with unique layouts. They features some of their main clients, which include Beats, Nike and Douglas.

Femme Website

Ruslan built Femme’s new website, which is a luxury, life and also style directory. This magazine’s design is unique, thank to its minimalistic design and great use of typography. The main color is white with black serif fonts. Negative space is the real king in this design, which surround all the incredible images that makes the design pop and giving colors to the composition.
Designer: Ruslan Siiz
Source: Behance

Ortiz Leon Arquitectos

Rubén Sanchez built one of the best website inspiration of january 2017. This website features a horizontal, fixed navigation with also an abundance of architecture pictures. The entire design is based on a squared-tile pattern, which dictate the entire flow and also the transitions.
Designer: Rubén Sánchez
Source: Behance
Website: ortizleon.es


Slava Fedutik built an incredible e-commerce for Bo-Store. The website features an unique layout and transitions. In fact,  every product is positioned in the central part of the page with various models and even textures that float around it. It is indeed one of the best website inspiration of January 2017 thank to his layout, and also for showing a classy product in such a classy way.
Designer: Slava Fedutik
Source: Behance

UBER Analytics Platform

Awesomed built an eye-candy interface, featuring various analytics datas in a dashboard. Thank to its cleanliness and also to the awesome use of purple and teal colors, the design looks amazing.
Agency: Awesomed
Source: Behance

3Dsimo MINI – 3D Pen

Michael and Tomáš built an unique and creative experience for 3Dsimo MINI, a 3D Pen that allows people to draw, solder, burn and also cut. They built a colorful brand, featuring red, orange, green and purple tones. In order to make the design pop-out even more, they approached a diagonal style for transitions, and even colorful shapes surround elements and items, following the same angle.
Designers: Michael Čečetka – Tomáš Snop
Source: Behance

We3 Website

This is one of the best website inspiration of January 2017. Jam3 agency built an incredible experience for their new internship program. In fact, this website’s purpose is to hire new designers and developers, and to get them onboard in their agency. The website features an unique hero section, with fluid sand waves that animate the page and even follows your mouse cursor. The entire other part of the page is characterized by a slick design and parallax animations.
Agency: Jam3
Website: we3.jam3.com

Storytrail Website

Storytrail is an awesome website that helps people find city to explore. The design features colorful and animated illustrations for the introduction, but for the actual website it features cards of various cities. Unfortunately, the only one available at the moment is Rome, but it is enough to explain their concept. With an incredible use of animations and interactions, they built an awesome experience that tells a story about a city.
Designer: Burocratik
Website: storytrail.co