Beats by Dre Redesign

Beats is an iconic brand established in the music space. People instantly recognize the brand printed on their product, such as headphones, earphones and speakers. Dr. Dre, the famous music artist, founded the company in 2008 and then sold it to Apple for $2.5 Billions.
In this Beats website redesign, Andrew re-created Beats’ website, highlighting their products as much as possible. The hero section features a unique photo composed by famous artists and athletes, featuring a smudged background with red, black and grey stripes. Thank to their orientation, they give a dynamic and depth feel to the composition.
The following sections features the main products available for sale. Firstly, we have a split layout with headphones on the left and earphones on the right. Following along the website, there is a full page photo of Neymar Jr., sitting on a bench while listening to his music through a pair of Beats headphones. The very last section is most unique. It features all the products categories positioned with an extravagant layout. In order to make it even more creative, the cards feature the products photos half inside and half outside the container.
In his presentation, Andrew featured also other pages with a tiled layout and a lateral navigation bar. Again, throughout the entire website, images rule over any other type of content, also thank to the sponsored athletes that make the brand pop even more.
Andrew showed also an interested towards responsive design. In fact, thank to the tiled layout and use of photos, he was able to achieve a great experience also on tablets and smartphones.

In Conclusion

Andrew showed all of his skills in this website redesign. Although Beats’ current website already shows an incredible attention to Design, this concept could be a great solution too. It would have been interesting to see some more screens related to the products or even interactions.
Designer: Andrew Aden
Source: Behance