Tame Impala Website Redesign

Tame Impala is one of the most famous band that is currently playing rock music. They arrive from Perth, and their psychedelic music is currently one of the best.
Because they also own a website, London based Designer Giorgia Xia decided to redesign their website, with incredible results.

The Website

The website features strong blue tones that dictates the overall look of the site. An interesting feature is the presence of multicolored bubbles that fluctuate around the site. They obviously remark the psychedelic theme and trend of the band’s music and source of inspiration.
The Home page features a really creative design, divided in fixed screens. The first one features the official video of their latest track, with a frame of it on the right side and texts on the left. Giorgia carefully choose the best fonts, and we can see a particular treatment with headlines. In fact, she applied multiple layer effects to fonts, which are the same used for creating 3D images. Also the buttons features a multicolored outline style, which is extremely helpful to make them stand out from the other content.
The second screen features their News, showing all their updates regarding concerts and new tracks released. It features a horizontal navigation, divided in two lines.
The third screen features their upcoming concerts, with a list of all the dates and places where they are going to perform. This section features a simpler look, with only texts and no images.
The fourth section features the biography of the band’s members. The following one has a similar layout as the News section, featuring a two lines layout with a horizontal navigation, highlighting all their videos.
The very last part of the website features the footer, which is incredibly unique. In fact, Giorgia decided to give it an entire section, with all the most important links on the left side and a subscribe form on the right.

Mobile Design

Giorgia carefully crafted also the mobile version of the website. In fact, she showed a couple screens of the website for smartphones, where she dropped part of the fixed screen concept in order to gain a more classic and smoother vertical navigation.

In Conclusion

Giorgia Xia built an outstanding Tame Impala website redesign, showing all of her skills, not only on the actual design of the website, but also with transitions and 3D elements. Furthermore, one of the most interesting detail is that this is her first and only project published on Behance. What a beautiful entrance into the Design game!
Designer: Giorgia Xia
Source: Behance