MGCom. Concept

MGCom is a creative microsite design concept. Two Russian Designers developed this concept, achieving an incredible final result.

The microsite features only five fixed-screens, but each one of them presents different elements in an unique way. The very first one represents a scenographic opening animation, composed by multiple geometric shapes, like triangles, circles and also lines. When the opening animation has successfully completed its cicle, the very first section appears. It features a split screen design, with a blue background on the left side and an unique image on the right. They took a particular attention to details, studying a fairly simple layout but rich of content. In fact, the website features texts on the left side and a big image on the right side, treated with blue and red tones.

The very first screen features an opening headline with a paragraph. The second features various numbers and analytics. The third represents some product logos, like Google AdWords and Begun. The very last shows even more number and analytics, featuring the Cost per Action. But a part from the actual content represented on every screen, the real detail that makes the design pop is the headline treatment. In fact, every single one of them has been placed in the middle of the screen, like a badge. In the opening screen, they featured various geometric shapes overlapped by the name of the brand. All the other screens feature the section’s headline, and each one of them present a different composition, with different shapes and colors.

In Conclusion

The two Russian Designers did an incredible job in this microsite design concept, specially with the headline treatment and colors combinations. Even if this is only a desktop concept, they presented a small mobile version, featuring the website on an iPad.