World of Audi

Audi is one of the most famous luxury car brand in the world. Funded in the 20th century, Audi is one of the oldest car manufacturer in the world. Because of their unique brand and also luxurious look, Philadelphia based agency Efir Media decided to build an incredible website.

Their inspiration –

We were drawing inspiration from modern architecture, art installations and obviously incredible Audi car designs while building this concept. Precise combination of lines and elegant forms used by Audi car designers helped us excite our perception, which eventually transformed into final shape of our concept. Photos and text were taken from an official website.

As they said, Architecture, art installations and Audi Cars inspired them, and you can actually see these elements while scrolling through the website.

The Design

The home page features an incredible hero section. In this opening screen, they included Audi cars, but also animated graphics, like swirls and also a pointed globe. The overall website features a dark theme, with dark grey backgrounds and light fonts. Designers approached the project with a minimalistic style, making the user to focus exclusively on photos. As we already saw in previous inspirations, the website features a slide, fixed-screen style navigation, where they featured different elements in each one of them. The very first one features different cars, with a slick lateral menu which features all their models. In the second slide, they featured only car’s photos in a two by two grid.

The next screens represent a specific car’s page, containing all of its technical specifications. They featured realistic 3D models of every car, with the possibility to rotate them at 360°. In the second step, a user can customize it by choosing different models and also colors.

The second section features all its technical specifications, where all of their numbers shine and reflect the power of the brand. In the third section, they featured the car’s gallery, with an horizontal slide that allows user to scroll through the content.

The very last section is the most unique of all, featuring various cards with their social profiles, newsletters, and news. One card in particular caught our attention, and it’s the “Mission to the Moon”. It features an eye-catching animation on hover, where the pointed globe starts to spin, creating a fantastic visual effect.

In Conclusion

Efir Media did an incredible job in redesigning Audi’s website, creating an outstanding experience and also being able to keep their car’s high standards. The only downside is that this is only a concept, and unfortunately we will never be able to see it really implemented.
Designers: Darren MaenYury Belazor
Source: Behance