Elementalist Lux Website Design

Elementalist Lux is a brand new skin available for League of Legends. You can read more technical characteristics about all the items included on Riot Games’ website.

The Los Angeles based agency collaborated with Riot Games to build a mini website where they featured their new skin pack for League of Legends.

This is how they describe it:

The Elementalist Lux skin was one of League of Legends’ marquee offerings of 2016. Watson worked with Riot Games to develop a best-in-class promotional site that conveyed the skin’s many offerings and showcased the wide variety of features players could unlock by purchasing. Mobile-friendly and localized into 16+ languages, the site was truly a global effort.

Elementalist Lux Website

The website opens with an incredible animation composed by the pack’s logo surrounded by a colorful loading circle that transits from cyan to magenta. After that the loading screen has been completed, the site shows an introductory video.

The following sections show other videos and an overview of all the elements included inside the skin pack. The section features descriptions, pictures and a really detailed Download button.

One of the most interesting and unique parts of the website is the transition between the Overview and Details part. In fact, there is a nice opening with animated text, but when you try to scroll down the real magic happens. With a single scroll you are triggering the animation which features the background picture’s decomposition, unveiling the following section.

From this point, the website switch from a light to a dark theme, featuring all of the elements shared in the pack. In both the Details and Gameplay sections, the agency featured animations and screenshots from the game. Again, between the Details and Gameplay sections there is another unique transition.

The very last section features a simple zig-zag layout, alternating headlines with in-games animations.

In Conclusion

Watson DG did an incredible job in this website design, creating a beautiful and unique experience. They were able to capture also the game’s theme and apply it into the site. The most remarkable elements are indeed the transitions, game’s animations and pictures.

Agency: Watson DG
Project: Behance