10 Best Website Inspiration of February 2017

February has been a great month for websites design. In fact, a lot of Agencies, freelancers and independent designers built incredible designs worth a share. Here’s the 10 Best Website Design of February 2017.


Isadora Agency built an incredible website for TechStyle Fashion Group, featuring a modern and clean design. The website is rich of images and cards overlapping each other, creating great and unique compositions. The site features a white theme, with black and grey fonts, with highlights and links in blue.

Agency: Isadora Agency

Steve Roach

Slava created an outstanding website for Steve Roach, an American composer and performer of ambient electronic music. The site features a dark theme. The layout features fixed screens that transit horizontally, unveiling new content. The website features multiple pages built with different styles, alternating horizontal and vertical scrolling.

Designer: Slava Fedutik

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Marvel / Civil War Content Hub Concept

Leo created a concept for the new Captain America film. The site features unique transitions and a great layout. As it should be, the site is populated by film’s pictures and even a trivia about the superhero. The overall design features a dark theme, where blue is the main color followed by Captain America’s red.

Designer: Leo Rabelo

HBK / Creative Agency

Mike from Creative Mints is the most followed Designer on Dribbble. This time, he created an incredible home page for HBK Agency, featuring a violet background and colorful sections.

Designer: Mike

Homepage – Camper Trailers (WIP)

Martin is a Designer at Balkan Brothers. In this Homepage design, he created a unique atmosphere for a camper and camping company. The design features a clean look, although its dirty look. The most interesting elements include colorful painting stripes, script-grunge fonts and scratched section transitions.

Designer: Martin Strba


Vipp is one of the Best Website inspiration of February 2017. In this home page, Andrew featured an extremely minimalistic and simple design, where the only colors are black and white. One of the most interesting part of the website is the hero section, which features a floating navigation bar and a vertical side bar. In order to make the design pop even more and to make it classier, he used serif fonts for headlines and sans serif for paragraphs.

Designer: Andrew Baygulov


Here’s again Andrew work, but this time he designed a product company that creates unique lamps. Similar to his previous design, he used a minimalistic and clean approach, where images become the real subject.

Designer: Andrew Baygulov

Edd – Landing Page (.sketch)

Alan created a colorful landing page. The layout features a simple zig-zag pattern. The overall design shows a minimalistic and clean design, enriched with colorful smooth shapes. The most impressive section is the hero, where a user is instantly caught thanks to the fluxes and cleanliness.

Designer: Alan Podemski

Gift Giving Project Landing Page

Tolik create a really nice landing page, featuring a minimalistic and extremely clean style. In fact, the overall page shows a lot of light areas enriched with circular shapes and gifts, which are obviously the main subject of the page.

Designer: Tolik Nguyen

Teachable – About Us

This is one of the Best website inspiration of February 2017 thank to its clean and simple design. The page features soft color tones, spacing from orange to green and even violet. One of the most remarkable element is the big script font “Everything is Teachable” which creates a unique first impact.

Designer: Filip Justi