Stories of the Intercontinental Life Microsite

Stories of the Intercontinental life is a microsite designed for Intercontinental Hotels, featuring a multi-sensory journey into stories from the most inspiring places in the world.
The San Diego based agency Mirum created an outstanding microsite for Intercontinental Hotels, the largest multinational hotel chain in the world.

The purpose of this microsite is to share the most beautiful places in the world and obviously to promote its +4500 hotels. The website opens with an outstanding sea view from a house built right on the water. On top of it, the Designers placed all the elements with a centered alignment. From the top to the bottom, we have a logo, a headline and a sub-headline. They showed them in an unique and classy way, with white and gold colors and also serif fonts.

The following sections feature a fixed-screen style. The main font remains Baskerville, a serif font, and the secondary is Gill Sans, which is, as the name suggests, a sans serif. The overall style of the website feature a classy look and feel, also thank to the golden diamond and thin outlined shapes.
Approximately at one third of the site, a lateral bar appears with a new navigation system. Also this one feature a white and gold theme with outlined diamond shapes.
As they showed in their presentation, the website is also perfect for mobile devices.
Designer: Leo Rabelo
Agency: Mirum San Diego
Project: Behance