Best UI UX Design of February

10 Best UI UX Design of February 2017

10 Best UI UX Design of February 2017

February has been a great month for UI and UX Designs. A lot of Agencies, Freelancers and also Independent Designers built incredible products.
In this article, we are going to list 10 best UI UX Design of January 2017.

POC UI Dashboard, Calendar Project – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Here’s again Eric’s project. This time, he created an outstanding dashboard which includes a calendar. As he specified, this is only a visual exploration of a real product that he and his team are working on. Although, this first result is extremely impressive. The overall dashboard features a mix of a dark and light themes. For the main datas, like the calendar and the tasks assigned to each day, they chose a white and clean theme. Instead, for the lateral navigation bar, top search bar and two infographics that compose the dashboard, they chose a dark theme. Regarding the colors, the calendar features soft green, violet, blue and orange tones, which becomes more saturated in the dashboard.

Eric also included a second screen which features the same exact style and elements, with the only difference inside the dashboard. This time, instead of two infographics, there is a map that highlight a path. Also in this screen, the path colors are extremely saturated, featuring a red to blue shade.

Designer: Eric Hoffman

WIP – Find top class Sport Instructors or Gyms nearby – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Yury is a talented designer that works at Awesomed. In this Dribbble Shot, he featured a work in progress of a Gym website, which allows people to find and hire only the best Sport instructors. This page is extremely clean and simple. In fact it features white as the main color. But because a simple white page would have been too boring, Yury and his team decided to make it pop and stand out from the competitors with violet and blue watercolors behind the main search bar. This is an outstanding idea, not only because it gives a unique look, but also because it share the energy of the instructors. The main content of the page is composed by white cards elevated with a light shadow. In order to make the design more vibrant and colorful, he included various icons inside each card.

Designer: Yury Smirnov

Aston Martin UI exploration for iOS app by Gleb – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Gleb is one of the most talented person on Dribbble. He inspires everyone every time that he posts on the platform. The main reason is because his designs aren’t obviously trivial, and every single part is carefully crafted. In this specific shot, he featured two screens of an Aston Martin UI concept. The first screen feature a profile photo with the car owner’s name. Below, we can find a photo album and two icons that allow people to call and chat. The bottom part of the screen features a set of cards which represent the Stories.

The second screen instead represent the lateral menu, which makes me think about some cool possible transitions, based on the elements kept on the screen and how they could transform. The overall design feature two key characteristics of Gleb’s design: Dark theme and mix of flat and 3D elements.

Designer: Gleb Kuznetsov

Dashboard Food Provider – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Bagus created an outstanding dashboard for a food provider. The overall design features a clean and minimalistic look, where grey is the main background color. Because the dashboard represents the food industry, it features orange and red tones for the main infographics, and blue for the links and call to actions. The overall design is well thought, and all the elements has a specific hierarchy. In fact, the left side features the amount of completed orders. On the other side, there are various charts that shows the pending orders, statistics and even a people’s ranking based on amount of orders.

Designer: Bagus Fikri

Customer Support and Orders History Screens [Dark Version] – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

In this shot, Alexander created an extremely clean and minimalistic app design. This set features two screens related to the Help and support section. It is really rare to see some designs that feature these particular parts of a product, because they are generally threatened as secondary pages with no value. But here is where Alexander stand out and shows all of his UX skills. In fact, if a company shows so many details, and most importantly, they took their time to design an awesome support screen, it means that the firm actually cares about its users, and they would love to help them to achieve their objectives. So, this is not only a great example of UI Design, but also UX.

Designer: Alexander Zaytsev

Whym – App Views – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Whym is a new product under Netguru’s development which allows people to bring a real, human interpreter anywhere they go. Netguru is an extraordinary agency which is making his name in the Design industry thanks to its clean and minimalistic style, making every product unique also by using rich icons and illustrations. In this set of app screens published by Luke, they included over 15 screens, which is only a tiny part of the whole project. We can see various pop-ups, menus and sections of the app. The overall design features a clean white look, with green and red tones for call to actions and to enrich the icons and illustrations. Because Netguru carefully think about its clients but also to its presentations, they built a Behance case study and wrote an article where they interviewed Whym’s CEO, featuring the most memorable moments while building the application.

Designer: Luke Pachytel

Experimental music player – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

This is indeed one of the coolest form of UI and UX Design of this month. Nikita built an incredible animation of a possible futuristic music player. The interface features a dark theme, with a dark blue background. But the real eye-catchy part is indeed the center, where he featured various elements that transit from one to another. As he explained in his project description, this concept tries to use artificial intelligence to draw items, animals and scenes on the screen, based on the music played.

It sounds indeed as a step into the future, and it looks extremely cool. On the UI design perspective, it is genius, but under the UX, it’s the opposite. This specific case could be a lot controverse depending by the way you look at it. If you think about the “wow” effect, it could indeed bring in so many music listeners and easily become a top hit in the music industry. But after that first impression, and specially when you think about how users interact with their phones while listening to music, you start to realize that people don’t stare all the time at their music player. Instead, they hit the play button and start running, browsing the internet, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

So at the end, this is an extremely valuable concept, but I don’t see it as a real game changer on a phone. Maybe a desktop/large screen version could be even more impactful, and it could be a great addition for live-events.

Designer: Nikita Duhovny

Travel App Animation – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

In this animation concept, Prakash created multiple steps that allow users to book a flight. In this shot, he featured five screens. The very first one represent the starting point, where you can see your latest flights. The second screen represents the search option, where a user is going to type the location where he is looking to reach. After the location, you access to a new screen where you have to decide the departure date and the return date. In the forth screen, a dropdown appears from the bottom where you are going to specify how many passengers there will be. The very last screen features the final result, showing all your already booked flights, including prices, airline company and dates. The overall design features a dark and clean theme, with orange call to actions and blue and yellow for smaller elements.

Designer: Prakash Ghodke

Aston Martin iOS product design for am37 speed boat – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

Gleb made his appearance for the second time in this Top 10. This time, its design is not a static screen, but an animations. The small interaction features a loading screen for an Aston Martin app concept. The screen opens with the car’s company logo which fade away and get replaced by a blue line that move from the bottom of the screen to the middle. When it reaches this position, it magically transform into a luminous blue spiral. At the center of this geometrical form, there is a bright spot, which could represent a car’s light. Below it, a text appears that asks to the user to attach his fingerprint to the device.

Designer: Gleb Kuznetsov

Private Lessons App – Best UI UX Design of February 2017

In this last shot of the article, we featured Michael’s work in progress. This is a really promising platform that allows people to hire private teachers for private lessons. In this first look, he included three screens. Two of them present the same login content but with different colors and pictures. The third screen is the most interesting and rich of elements, because it represents the main screen where the action is going to take place. The interface features an extremely clean and simple design, with lots of white and light grey tones. As a section separator, the designer chose to use outlines instead of shadows. The overall dashboard is well balanced, and the soft colors help users to relax and focus on the real tasks.

Designer: Michael Korwin

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